Social issues are the problems that arise or exist already and affect or damage society or we can say that it hurts the lives of people in the long run. It is a condition or behavior that does more harm than good to society.

List of social issues:

1. Drug Abuse.
2.Poverty and Homelessness.
3. Racial discrimination.
4. Alcohol Abuse.
5. Economic deprivation.
6. Immigration Stresses
7. Unemployment.
8. Overpopulation.
9. Human trafficking

Let us elaborate on some of the social issues which need to addressed at the earliest.

Poverty and Homelessness: These are the most important among the social issues which need to be addressed. Poverty is one of the worst social issues that is overtaking all of us. It is one of the biggest issues that the entire world is facing and needs to be eradicated at the grassroots level. It is disrupting the lives of millions of people all over the world who don’t have an adequate supply of food to feed themselves or their dependents. Homelessness is one of the worst crises we are facing in today’s world. We need to scare our land and farming to avoid any kind of starvation and homelessness.

Immigration Stress: Immigration stress is one of the emerging social issues that need to be addressed at the earliest. Some countries are adopting immigrants that may lead to scarcity of land and can create a big problem for those countries in coming years. Pew Research Center reports that the United States has more immigrants than any other country whose ratio is approximately 13.6%. A 2019 Gallup poll indicates 23% of people think immigration is the most important social issue that the country is facing. 

Unemployment: It is one of the major social issues all around the world. It not only reduces the rate of youth volunteerism but also the individuals lose the source of income that is necessary for one's survival. It affects one's mental and physical health. Unemployment is one of the main causes of the high suicide rate. The skills should be imparted to young minds so that they can stand up on their own and start earning their livelihood without any worries or stress.

Human Trafficking: One of the major social issues that affect marginalized populations. Its main cause is poverty which needs to be addressed and that will help us stop the crime that is related to human trafficking. Public awareness camps should be conducted so that the vulnerable and marginalized population are being made aware about this social issue. The crime Justice system needs to be improved so that the culprits should be booked and dealt with according to the law of the land.

Drug Abuse: It is a condition in which a person uses drugs for pleasurable effects on the brain. It is estimated that there are 190 million drug users around the world and most of them are below 30 years of age. Drugs affect the overall health of an individual and can take over all of your happiness and lifestyle. The use of needles by teenagers is worrisome for all of us and the same is increasing at an alarming rate. There are various factors responsible for drug abuse and that includes economic deprivation, mental stress which includes anxiety, pressure from parents or society are among the few reasons that young people are going for drugs.                                                                                                                                                    

This social issue needs to be eradicated from society at an  earliest so that the future of young minds can be secured. Law enforcement agencies should closely monitor the drug addicts and bust the rackets of a social issue. The persons involved in this racket should be booked and punished according to the law of the land. This will definitely help us to curb drug menace/abuse in society. Those addicted should be monitored at drug de-addiction centers so that their lives are rebuilt or reshaped for good. We as members of society should monitor drug addicts and inform law enforcement agencies so that the drug rackets are busted at the earliest. Parental control/vision on their children is necessary and those whose wards or loved ones are addicted to drugs should not take harsh steps to prevent them from addiction but discuss it with love and full care and explain the reason why  we should not use drugs. Let them know it affects their mental health and overall life and give them a chance to live a better life.

Access to Better Health Care: It is one of the social issues that need to be addressed at the national and international level as access to the best medical care should be made free for all or at subsidy rates. The rich people in our society have access to the best medical treatment at expensive hospitals while it is out of hand for the poor or middle-class households. Countries like the US passed the Affordable care Act 2010 or the Obama Care Act for its citizens which originally require health insurance to all and help those individuals who could not afford a plan on their own. A similar scheme like Arogya Sanjeevani was launched by India in 2020 for its citizens which offered a health insurance cover of 5 lacs (INR) and the e-golden cards made to offer free medical treatment to its citizens which include medical aid and expenses up to 05 lac (INR).


But some countries are categorized as underdeveloped where there is no such concept of access to better health care for its citizens for free and the poor section of the society is becoming the worst-hit victim of this kind of  social issue. We need to give access to every household to better medical care irrespective of their monthly income that will definitely reduce the gap between the rich and poor. And the two sections of society will be treated equally in terms of health care facilities. This will also help us to  save the precious lives of poor workers who take part in construction (national building) programs of the countries around the world.

In the end, I would like to say that as a member of society we need to take part in highlighting the social issues and we should put forth the measures to curb those social issues so that the world will be a better place to live for everybody. 

Author: Shabeer Hassan wani


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