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Hello, you are welcome on waniposts.com where you will know about the behavior of people in a society, social issues, and educational information.

 1. The Educational info in the menu will let you know about the Internet its working and the impact of the digital world on our lives. and you will also be able to grab some educational information related to our life.
2. People and society section in the category menu will help you to understand the behavior of people in a society. It will help you to co-relate your life with others and know how to deal with the people and society around you.
3. Social issues in the category menu will let you know about social issues like poverty, homelessness, basic needs, transportation, homeless population, and much more. It will help you also to find out ways, how as a community we can fight these social issues together.

Besides this, waniposts help you to get educational information and help you to make the world a better place. We are bound to let you know about the people and society with whom we share this world.
Waniposts.com  is bound to give a better user experience in today’s digital world and will try to answer your queries about the social issues that we face. We are bound to help you in fighting against domestic violence, youth alcohol usage, and much more.
Wani posts is a personal blog founded by Shabeer Hassan Wani who has graduated from Kashmir University in a distant mode.

This blog was founded in March 2020 by Shabeer Hassan Wani who wants to make this world a better place by contributing a bit while talking about social issues and suggests the measures which we need to make this society a better place.

Established on:    26 March 2020
Email: contact@waniposts.com

We thank you for being here and hope you have a better user experience on this website. We would love to have you here again and again. Your criticism or appreciation will be respected. So stay in touch with us by following the website for more posts.