Racial Discrimination and its effects


“The very serious function of racism is a distraction. It keeps you from doing your work. It keeps you explaining, over and over again, your reason for being.”

                        — Toni Morrison


In a world that claims to be modern, having a mindset that is different and progressive. And none of the social evils still exist here. Well, by just watching any news channel for just an hour or less you will find how bogus these claims are, and how shallow our modern and progressive thinking is. How these are just mere words and the reality is way far and harsh. We are living in the 21st century, and we get to read one or two cases of racial discrimination daily in newspapers, whether it’s a local newspaper or the international one as the world never gets short of these cases, and daily some of them found their way in almost every newspaper. This news will let you know how people are still being judged by the way they look, the color of their skin, their accent, the country they belong to, and the religious beliefs they behold. They get outcaste or privileged based on their caste, gender, and religion, and we provide no concern to their capabilities.


Meaning of racial discrimination

We also know racial discrimination as Racism providing different treatment to certain individuals or a group of individuals entirely based upon their beliefs, caste, creed, religion, and gender. The treatment is mainly unfair in which they get outcast or receive a different treatment than the usual one. In such cases, such people are outcasts from society or large groups and they are often looking down on them. But in some rare cases for the upliftment of the discriminated sector of the society or to reverse the damage they had received we provide them some special privileges, known as racial quotas. 

 Things that fuel racial discrimination

Skin Whitening Products–In all these years Beauty companies have made people believe that beauty is all about how fair your skin is. It obsesses people with white skin so much that they try every way to get that white skin. You can often see people searching for partners having a fair skin tone on matrimonial and dating sites. Some say that it’s a matter of choice and we should respect it. Believe us we do but all this is making dark skin colored people feel less worthy at the end which is not correct in any sense. What these beauty companies sell are not just products but hopes of getting fairer skin and no one stands against this policy instead we subconsciously accept people with a darker tone as less beautiful than the fairer ones.

Social Media Platforms–In the world of social media, selfies, right swipes, and short videos, commonly known as reels we have become addicted to judging people by the way they look, the clothes they wear, and then we decide to talk to them or not. Social media platforms have made our lives all about the way we look and not about the way we are. We have knowingly and unknowingly started giving much emphasis on things that matter less than the thing that matters the most. Things like feelings, honesty, and soulfulness are not getting enough value. As a result, you can see men having great bodies and 6 pack abs, and women having slim bodies and fair skin tones have more followers on their social media handles. We are not against influencers and people who want to teach you a better lifestyle or are working to make them look like they want to look alike. In simpler words, all we want to say is that now the world is more concerned about how beautiful the packaging sheet looks than about what’s inside it. 

Mass Media Representation- We don’t say that mass media means knowingly supports racism but the way they represent things usually does. And the straight fact is that they don’t oppose it, anyway. We come across movies, television shows, and web series that support racial beliefs making people subconsciously more rigid in their beliefs about racism. There is a need to make and telecast more such programs that can continuously challenge these beliefs and help in bringing a change. 

No or less Vocalisation-In modern times, there are still few leaders who freely talk about racism. Where political leaders don’t want to offend any group of people and reduce their vote bank, others don't want to get into a mess causing a situation where there is no one or very few individuals who can challenge the views of discrimination in other minds. “And where there are no challenges, there is no change.”

Reverse Discrimination

The talk of racial discrimination can’t be complete without talking about the term reverse discrimination. As the name suggests and as Miriam Webster says “the practice of making it more difficult for a certain type of person to get a job, to go to school, etc., because other people who were mistreated in the past are now being given an advantage.”

Actually, what I want to say is reverse discrimination is also a kind of discrimination imposed upon us by our leaders that is not solving the problem of racial discrimination instead it is making the differences among us wider. As the capable and deserving don't get adequate jobs and colleges which makes them feel discriminated toward those individuals who got jobs based upon the racial quotas. You can see and experience reverse discrimination in countries like India where there are racial quotas based on caste and religion and they are following this system at each scale of every sector of the economy. Whether you want to get a public sector job or getting admission into college, you will face the racial quota system everywhere. Somewhere less and somewhere more in most of the places around the world lies both racial and reverse discrimination making us human beings rift apart from each other because of the issues that don’t matter at all.

Ways to resolve racism

Every change starts with us. We can’t wait forever for our government, our bosses, or our leaders to speak against the cause and take necessary measures. Instead, we are the ones who can bring the change. Start by changing your behavior and make your home a place free of racism. Tell your partner and children about your alternative belief system and challenge their old beliefs. Make your workplace a better and racism-free place, where everybody gets treated upon their capabilities. While encountering any racial injustice don’t just stand there, use your voice against it. 

Not anyone else, but “it’s you who can bring the change.”



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