Often, you will come across situations where you fail to meet up the expectations of the family. As a result, your family gives up on you. And, when you are having a tussle with your family, it hampers you both on the professional and the personal front. Although maintaining a balance between personal and professional life is hectic, it is not impossible, provided one knows the right strategy behind it. 

Given below are some that you can follow to maintain personal and professional life balance:

1. Managing time 

In the digital era, you can spend a whole day in front of the computer opening several tabs and doing nothing. If you are attending your office meeting from home via online calls, you can create a workstation separately and sit there so that you don't get bothered by otherworldly pleasures.

2. Set priorities 

To handle both personal and professional life, first, you have to find the difference between personal life and professional life. To do so, create a to-do list in the morning so that you do not miss out on those works of high priority to you.

3. Make a timetable and stick to it 

When you have long working hours or work from home, it is essential to create a timetable and follow it religiously. Unfortunately, many have the habit of making a rigid timetable that they fail to follow at the end. As a result, you see that you are sitting on top of a mountain-like workload by the end of the day.

4. Avoid procrastination

Another bad habit that one needs to maintain a healthy personal life-professional life balance is procrastination. Despite knowing the amount of work that needs to be finished on a particular day, we feel like taking a power nap in the afternoon, which can easily be avoided. The more you procrastinate, the more time is taken for your work to get completed. As a result, your family life is affected because it is already time to go to bed by the time you finish work.

5. Get rid of distraction 

When you live in a world surrounded by digital media all the time, you are sure to get distracted at ease. Many of us have this habit of logging in to different social media platforms. The time that you invest in checking the social media feeds could have been utilized to finish the majority of the work to wrap up soon.

6. Be inventive 

However much you try, there will be situations when some emergencies may demand you to leave your work in between and cater to it. For handling times like these, be prepared with some innovative ideas to finish the job left out for some reason. Also, someday you can work a little extra, to take out your family for a lovely dinner on the weekends.

7. Know about your situation 

Since you have to know how to manage your personal and professional life, you will understand your present situation. For example, if your spouse is a working professional, creating a working schedule that matches your partner's program is essential.

8. Take care of your health 

Amidst striking a balance between personal and professional life, many forget to take care of our health. As a result, we barely pay attention to our health conditions. And by the time we make some time out for devoting to our health, the damage is already done. So, however busy you are, take out some time in the morning for exercises.

9. Do not let your passions die

In life, everybody is attached to some work field or the other. That does not mean your passions will fade away. They might take a back seat and maybe practice occasionally, but never should they be diminished completely. Along with your work, make sure you carry on your passions at regular intervals.

10. Practice saying 'NO' as and when required 

If you have to balance your personal and professional life, you must learn to say NO to certain things. You cannot have everything at the same time. For example, to have a happy family life, you must learn to say NO to friends' night out, clubbing, partying, etc.

11. Reduction in both work life and personal life 

If you are fidgeting with both work and home, know that it is time to make a choice or cut down a bit on both sides. Instead of leading an unhappy life during the 40s with lots of money and a great house, it is better to have a little less bank balance but family people by your side through thick and thin.

12. Have separate personal and professional social media accounts 

Today, social media is used for business and marketing purposes. Never mingle your personal and professional social media accounts. This distinction between personal and professional social media accounts will help you monitor each one of them in a better manner.

13. Know to handle personal and professional data 

If you are working from home, be aware of the company's policies and divide the personal and professional data. Separating this data can be made easy if your company provides you with separate devices to use. Otherwise, you have to be extra careful. 

14. Fix a time when working at home 

When you are working from home, consider it as serious as office work. To get the office environment, you can dress up in formals so that you get that feeling. Also, fix a particular time for working. Make sure that the time you work, none should disturb you, or you should not get distracted in between.

15.Take a lunch break

Amidst your working schedule, take a lunch break so that you feel energized to continue the rest of the work. Also, eating at the right time will help you stay healthy. 


If you want to enjoy a peaceful work life and family life, follow the points mentioned above. Besides, avoid household chores while you are working. Finally, don't forget to pamper yourself at the end of the day. 

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