We all know that social media has a great impact on our lives. We have switched from old age media to a new one where millions of people remain active either by sharing or watching content of influencers. But there is a group of people who have a great influence on social media and they share their blogs or videos on their social media handles. And there is also a group of people who go through that content and share their views about the same in the comment box.

Social media has given us a space for expressing their views and we usually drop those our views while commenting on it. Millions of comments are made b y people through social media accounts like facebook, twitter, insta or through other social media apps. Some people put forth their views in a positive way and some others comment in a negative way or use vulgar language while dropping their stuff in the comment box without even thinking that the comment will be seen by  many other users as well. 

How do comments influence us:

Most of the influencers, bloggers want to get his side by side as they are ones who are viewing their content  rate/share their pages and help the content creator in earning or running ads on their pages. But the followers who may be following the celebrity or any other social media influencer sometimes let them down not only by negative comments but also by their vulgar language that they use while commenting on their content. It not only affects the mental health of the influencer but also restricts them to put forth content on social media apps. They are forced to think about their existence as to why they have invited this kind of hate in their lives

Not all the influencers may be alike but there are good ones who post their amazing content after making/putting maximum effort while making the content for the social media audience. Those who troll social media influencers not only affect their lives but they present themselves in a bad way. Their profiles are disliked and are being looked down for their behaviour on social media. Making these kinds of bad comments becomes a habit in one's life while surfing the internet. These kinds of people also incite violence and have a big role in communal violence incidents and should be blocked or reported. 

How to use social Media accounts:

Every person who spends time on the internet or has any kind of social media account has a great responsibility  while using the stuff on the internet. How to surf, what to like or dislike and how to avoid unnecessary comments should be kept in mind. To avoid the comment that is not going to benefit anyone in the society should not be made at all and one should remain careful while dropping the comment.

He should first know the consequences of it first as to how it is going to influence people or the one on whose content he may be commenting. There may be social media users who may be sharing the unnecessary content and are occupying the space more than they deserve but you should not use your social accounts to let them down, just simply unfollow the page  and move on.

If you don’t like the content you are getting on your accounts, you can block those pages and restrict yourself from dropping bad comments. That will not only make social media a better place but the content that deserves the space will get more views and more people will be benefitted.

In a day, millions of blogs/articles are uploaded everyday on google and to get the audience on those articles is not in one's own hand. No doubt targeting the right keywords while writing a blog or uploading a video may bring traffic to your site or video but  it is only the right and valuable content which gets viewership.

So be careful while you drop your comment on anybody's content. It is not like that you should drop positive comments, you have the right kind of platform to express your views and help in making the society a better place. Your comments are valuable and can change somebody’s life. You are the ones who see this content and share it so that it reaches the maximum number of people and while commenting you yourself are reaching to a number of people around the world who see your comment.

 In the end, I hope you comment anytime, it will be a  good one that will help us in making the world a better place to live in. 

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