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It is the 21st century, and we all are connected virtually with one and another. Now and then, inside the closed door and on the road, people are seen scrolling through the social media feeds. However, the irony here is however much we try to connect socially, there are people amidst us who are lonely inside. However much we try to socialize for the sake of clicking good photos and posting on social media, deep inside we are residing in a world of isolation, loneliness, and depression

Impact of loneliness on people:
In a 2020 January survey conducted by Cigna, it was found that 61% of the ten thousand adults who were considered as samples felt lonely and sad. Moreover, what’s more depressing is people barely talk about this feeling of loneliness. 
Before you find the answer to how to overcome loneliness, here is how loneliness can impact one: 

(A) Depression 
A study published in The Lancet Psychiatry denotes that adults over 50 suffer more from depression and loneliness. The research also found out that depression and loneliness complement each other. 

(B) Physical health 
Several studies have been successful in linking loneliness and depression with depressed immunity and poor health conditions. Therefore, it is for sure that people suffering from loneliness are likely to experience hazardous health issues. 

(C) Physical pain 
Research proves that the brain areas deal with the social exclusion of a person and the physical pain that one experiences in life. So, when a person is not socially active, he is sure to share some physical discomfort. 

Tips to overcome loneliness 
Here are nine ways to overcome loneliness, which, if followed, will yield the best results. 

1. Be kind to yourself 
When you are facing some difficult situation, do not be hard on yourself. Try to understand your mental condition, be considerate to yourself and be kind to yourself. The harsher you are on yourself, the less you will be able to come out of the challenging situation. Remember, life goes on, and so should you. So, limit yourself from self-blaming and take care of yourself. 

2. Live on the present moment 
Most people suffer from depression because they keep thinking of that one bad incident or bad feeling that they experienced a few days back. But, what is done cannot be undone. You cannot remove the event, good or bad, from your chapter of life. All you can do is stay strong, keep smiling and live in the present. Then, if you feel worse, you can talk to your near and dear ones. 

3. Connect with the world around you 
One of the most practical ways to overcome loneliness is by connecting with your surroundings. Unfortunately, in the era of smartphones and social media, connecting with the real world is complicated. Now, people look more into the phone screens than to the world outside them. To decrease loneliness, the best way would be to build strong social connections in person. 

4. Consider how to spend free time 
When you have spare time, instead of scrolling down the social media feeds, utilize this time to ponder over some hobby that you had in the past. You can start painting or learn some musical instrument, or read a book. Often, when we have some spare time, all we do is sit with our phones. Instead of utilizing the time, this is making you less productive and forgoing your habits of things that ought to get your attention. 

5. Engage more with people 
Research has shown that the more people engage and interact with each other, the less depressed they are. Not only does this improve one’s mood, but it also keeps one happy and fresh. Therefore, get involved in group activities. The more you socialize, the less free time you get to ponder over depressing issues that might bother you and make you feel sad and lonely

6. Befriend strangers 
There is no harm in meeting new people and befriending them. This enhances your social circle. At times of need, these are the people that you can count upon. However, this does not mean making friends on social media. For a while, stop looking out for people in the virtual world. Instead, look for people in and around you. 

7. Be active online 
Since digital media is the new buzzword now, none can stay without it. Today, social media is engaging enough to let people participate in various activities. So, instead of simply scrolling through the social media feeds, you can join in some participatory activities. For example, participate in polls, creative writing competitions, or webinars organized on social media. That way, you can not only keep loneliness at bay but also learn something new. And, what else can be more joyful than learning new things each day! 

8. Share real stuffs online 
After using social media for some time, you must be aware of the word ‘share.’ Social media has been developed to share interesting content. Unfortunately, in this rat race of sharing, we often forget to share the reality and run behind those that are ‘perfect’ and unreal. Let us take an example here. Over the years, filters have come up to beautify pictures and correct them to perfection. Unfortunately, almost all of us use them without acknowledging that none of us are perfect. Humans are filled with flaws, and it is normal. So, instead of adding filters to your photos, add them naturally. 

9. Stop being a narcissist 
In this modern crazy world, our demands have risen to such a level that if they are not fulfilled somehow or the other, we get frustrated and flustered. This is not how things should be. It is good to love yourself, but too much of anything is harmful. Accept yourself just the way you are. Do not keep too many expectations from yourself. 

Above all, have a positive outlook on life. Try to find positivity in whatever you do. Also, pay attention to the things that matter most in your life. Stop looking at what others are doing. Instead, prioritize yourself, your likings, and your dreams. To overcome loneliness, learn to be happy! 

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