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After deteriorating nature for our benefits from ages. We are finally coming to our senses. So using eco-friendly products isn’t the cool thing anymore. People expect their favorite businesses to be eco-friendly as they take pride in buying from them. And brands know this and are trying their level best to prove how socially responsible they are. But small businesses have also joined the race now. And everyone wants to use the best eco-friendly promotional products that aren’t costly and also leave a mark. 

What are Eco-friendly Promotional Products?

Eco-friendly promotional products are sustainable products that don’t harm the environment. These products are biodegradable and can be converted or mixed into the soil, leaving no residues. So from extracting raw material for these products to their disposal, everything is eco-friendly. 

In this article, we are going to list the 5 best eco-friendly promotional product ideas that are not only going to help your business but are super affordable. 

 1. Cotton, Paper, And Jute bags

Know the best promotional product ideas

Polyester or Polythene bags are already banned in many countries. But many countries are still using them. The reason behind this is that these bags are cheap. But polyester harms the environment much more than other products. The reason behind it is its non-biodegradable nature. 

The solution is to switch them with paper, jute, or cotton bags. These bags are not only eco-friendly but they can also serve as great promotional products. All you have to do is get these bags personalized according to your business. You can have your business logo printed on these bags and use them to create a brand value for your products. Use them as advertisement pamphlets. Plus, these bags are reusable. So whenever they get re-used, your business gets some free promotion.

If you think that printing bags will isn’t affordable for your business, then consider stamping. Just make a stamp of your business logo and motto on it. And dip this stamp into the ink color of your choice and stamp a paper/jute/cotton bag with it. Stamping your bags is much cheaper than getting them printed and it does the same benefits.

2. Diaries And Journals

What are the best eco-friendly promotional products

One can never have enough journals. And collecting them is a hobby for many. Journals serve the purpose of eco-friendly promotional products very well. All you have to do is to contact a printing store. Select a journal that comes under your budget. The size of the journal doesn’t matter, but make sure it has an outstanding quality of the paper. Because the journal is your promotional product, they will interlink its quality with your products. 

Get the journals printed with your logo and business information. You can also add several pages specially dedicated to your products. So, whenever your consumer uses your journal, your products get advertised. To make your journals/diaries more effective as marketing material, you can add a few colorful pages in the journal depicting your products. Try to add customer reviews and CEO messages creatively as well.

3. Bamboo Flasks

Top promotional products that are nature friendly

Bamboo products are trending in the industry right now. Bamboo grows without manures naturally on its own and is super sustainable. So, the products made from it are not only eco-friendly but are reusable for a long time. Making it a perfect choice of eco-friendly promotional products. 

If you are a toothpaste company, you can give bamboo toothbrushes with your products. Or if you are a shampoo or self-care products company, you can use bamboo flasks. These flasks will last long, won’t harm the environment, and will give your product a classy look. 

Moreover, you can get your logo printed or engraved on the bottles or just offer a discount to customers willing to return the bottles. Thus, you can reuse the older bottles after proper cleaning and save yourself the cost of buying more new ones.

4. Recyclable Jute and Cotton Pouches

Know the best eco friendly promotional product ideas

No matter which business you own, you need something to pack your products. Whether it's dry fruits, wellness products, food products, or clothes, proper packing always wins customers' hearts. These recyclable jute and cotton pouches are the ultimate solutions to your packaging problems. You can have them in different sizes and can easily customize them the way you want.

Not only will they make the packaging look a lot more attractive. But also, they will act as great eco-friendly promotional products. Plus, these bags are super affordable and easy to store. So, you won’t need a lot of extra space for them. All these qualities make them the perfect promotional products. Moreover, you can get these pouches made in any color and with any cloth material you want depending upon your budget.

5. Reusable Mugs and Cups

Reusable mugs are the best nature friendly promotional products idea

Instead of using cups made of polyester and other non-degradable products. Use cups made with natural clays. Not only these cups are reusable. But they come in unique designs and patterns and can give a unique look to your restaurant. These cups are completely biodegradable and easy to use. You can also have them painted and printed according to your needs. 

You can have your logos printed on them with different messages. Also, you can give these cups as gifts to your customers. As everyone loves collecting beautiful cups. And they will serve you like the best eco-friendly promotional products.

Other things you can do to tell your customers that you take the environment seriously

You can do many things to tell your customers that you are a responsible business. We will not recommend things that will cost you a lot. As some small things make a big difference, there are various little steps that you can apply to make your business a great friend to the environment. So, besides using eco-friendly promotional products, you can-

Make separate parking for bicycles and tell your employees to use them.

Use a proper waste management system at your business.

Reduce toxic wastes as much as you can.

Use reusable products to reduce waste.

Small steps make a big difference. Use these eco-friendly promotional products and enlarge your business while keeping it environment-friendly.

 Writer- Pearl Gupta

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