Do you really think life has a meaning? No, I guess as it cannot be defined in  a short phrase by commenting on certain facts that may have taken place in the past. But I think it is based on day to day happenings or I can say that it has a new meaning every second or the next day. It changes its nature, behavior or the meaning that one wants to call it by.

Life has a different meaning for different people out there. There are billions  of people around the world who feel depressed or have anxiety issues in life. They had a different view point about it and that too varies from person to person. I had written an article on that. Please check out why people feel depressed in life?

Let us come back to the point of how life changes its meaning every second. I will take you somewhere when you were holding the finger of your father while looking for something new in the market. That too was a life that you were living free of all worries or free from the stress that life is giving us nowadays.

Then you joined the school and had some great friends who were funny, intelligent or the average one’s like me. That particular point of time you were living with your friends was something that you would have never imagined would end in the next few years. I too had friends with whome we used to open our lunch packs within the class or to keep those stones together to get away from some harsh teachers.

But that too did not last for long and we entered the higher classes and opted for different subject  streams to learn something that we were interested in. I opted for science stream and got some new friends who were so nasty that we tried to stay apart. But who knows what life is all about. The day you get in touch with some new people, they definitely leave an impact on your lives whether good or bad and you also come across some good people who like the way you are and accept you as a friend. Then to go  out during class breaks and share some biscuits and all that stealing the last one from the packet or the whole of it in the beginning. In the practical classes, pointing towards the crush of your school days made it more worth than one could ever imagine in life.

As the time passed, the farewell parties struck your mind and the time to say goodbyes to your friends who were taking classes with you became real. At that point of time, the importance of being with them from years is realized as they are leaving their footprints in your life.

It is a matter of fact that at that point of time you only care about saying goodbyes to your friends and nothing else matters for you in the world.

Some among them stay in touch and some of them disappear and that too when the concept of social media was faraway from our school days. Days pass and everybody gets busy just to find a way to survive and look forward for their better careers. This is just another beginning or the new meaning of life when one feels worried for the first time in life.

Everybody wishes for a better life and wants to go  ahead in the race of horses. Some of your friends either start their own business or look for jobs in private or government sector. Let me bring here the Sir Winston Churchill's saying and he quote “In life if you are going through hell, keep going”

Here the life has  a different meaning, some friends among you make it to get a job or start their business while some of them remain stuck as  I could not use the word fail because they haven’t failed yet as some brilliant minds are coming across my mind right now who still await their results from their life and have opted for a  better life than those who are settled. For some guys who still look for business ideas please click the link best low budget business ideas

Life is a never ending process, then comes the concept of marriage. It was in 2016 when one of my dear friends introduced me to the concept of getting married. That time, social media was on the rise and the whatsapp chats became common. I never wanted to get married then and I laughed at his question, I said no way I have to live my life to the extent that I can ever live. But the other side of the story was that those who were studying with you were getting married and had some beautiful little chaps with them and that friend of mine  also moved on and got married.

But I was not that much settled in life, no doubt I was getting a good salary but there was something else that I  was looking for in my life. In the meantime, I was in touch with few of my friends who were working in the private sector and we had a good laugh about life and the school days every time we meet each other. We usually used to talk about jobs, the business ideas and those beautiful girls on whom we had a crush in school days, no matter that they were married now and all that blah blah.

On occasions we used to help each other financially when we needed it as we all were earning now and never asked each other for returns but all of us were looking for partners and one of my friends even got married a year or two ago.

While looking for marriage partners, few people approached and we used to call each other and decide that it is not a big deal to say no without even looking at that person because the concept of marriage has changed over the years and nobody wants to play it in a bad way.

The domestic violence cases are on rise and the family issues are taking a heavy toll on lives. The recent suicide cases have become a great social issues and needs to be stopped. The young lives are lost due the depression that the family matters have poured into their lives.

I used to call my friends and feel relaxed in life while spending some time in each other's company and I think it should be that way when you have a long way to go ahead. I am satisfied and settled with no more materialistic greed in this world. But to have a life that is sufficient and is fulfilling your needs is enough to move on.

I have a bunch of friends who used to laugh about life and we could hardly meet on vacations where we shared some mutual interests, disagrees with one another on certain facts. But to have them and share the stuff is something where you could find peace in life but the seriousness of getting married is that we are facing nowadays and can’t run away anymore from this reality.

Perhaps we need to register and make a profile on ( Hahahaha just for laugh ) but who register first will be a great fun to know, I laugh again Haha. Forget about the profiles there, someone needs to be kashmiri first, not a Punjabi.

The concept of marriage seems to have changed a lot and if you approach anybody, the conditions are put forth and you have to enter into the contract and if you violate you have to face the consequences later on…..

But yes the concept  has changed, if you wish to be with someone, you have fallen for; approach the person and get married and if it is not that easy just take your time and move on with no regrets.

I have written this article in memory of those friends who are still in touch and for those also who are not. I wish you all a happy life where you could stay healthy and find peace and I wish I could stand by your side whenever you need me. Accept your life as it is and don’t compare yourself with others then, you may be insulting yourself. Explore yourself to the new extent and find  new ways to live your life to a great extent. This will bring a new meaning of life for you.

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Author: Shabeer Hassan Wani


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