Ego and the brain

Do you know how we are connected physically and mentally? Where does the power that keeps us alive come from? When you leave the body, the body dies. Where does this power go?

Most of us are involved in our daily routine of life on earth. In addition to all the scientific and technological advances that we have made, we have ample evidence that our mental health is deteriorating. This is because most people do not even know how the brain works. Here I will try to help you understand my mental understanding. You don’t have to believe what I’m saying, but please try to challenge your mind and see if what I’m writing makes sense.

Clearly, there is much more wisdom than just thinking about work. When we look at our body, we think that it is our brain where all our intelligence is found. It is because the brain is the part of the body that we use to think and reason. If we do not use the brain for any reason, we will feel paralyzed. The brain protects us from the elements and helps us to take positive steps to avoid the danger. Without the brain, we would not be able to live or understand our world and our mind. Life can be challenging if we can not use our brains.

The brain therefore plays a vital role in our ability to perceive the truth. It is an organ that we use to understand our mind. It is an organ that helps us to see reality. Misuse can lead to physical and mental illness. It is an organ that we use to express our abilities and personality. Without a brain, the brain cannot function fully. Now what’s the point? As I can see, the mind is a source of (existing) energy that keeps us alive.

For simplicity, we can divide it into two parts, with less and less information. But really, we have one idea. Self-love or self-esteem works on the part of the mind. It is our desire to survive on this planet. It is a place and it owns it and wants to control everything. It builds (grows) knowledge and life experience to become a well-defined and hidden belief. It wants to live forever and is bound by time. It has great power to deceive itself. We need to know ourselves in order to interpret the truth before us. We also need the brain to improve our egos. Without ego, we cannot function as individuals. The brain allows the ego to acquire consciousness and awareness, which is the property of the mind. So one can see how the brain and ego are connected.

However, our mind is unconscious and is connected to the brain.  Whatever we do in life, we always try to appease our unconscious mind. For example, when we pray to God or to something else, we try to clear up our thoughts. We do the same thing when we play music, dance, sing, etc. Our unconscious mind is the piano that we use to play the song we want. Piano keys are the words we use to produce a specific sound. We can play a good song or a sad song, depending on how we use the words. Therefore, should we not try to understand how our unconscious mind works?

When we look at our body, wisdom fills directly, from the center (brain) to the level of each cell. Yes, there is an idea that happens even at the cellular level. Every cell in our body knows its function and how it will function. Skin cells recognize their role in protecting the external environment, lung cells that can carry oxygen, kidney cells that can cleanse our blood, digestive cells that can digest food, and so on. All of this is under unconscious control. Even our immune system, which is undergoing treatment, is under unconscious control. The conscious mind, in which the ego works, has very little control but has an indirect influence on all of these areas. Therefore, ignoring negative thoughts and taking them for granted can be a daunting task. Still, that is what we were doing and are doing today.

Now what happens when we do some damage to our brain? A person may have a stroke or head injury when he falls. A person may suffer from some degenerative brain disease such as Alzheimer’s or motor neuron disease, etc. The signs and symptoms we will suffer will depend on the location of the affected brain. We may lose consciousness, lose our memory, or become paralyzed, etc. When this happens, our self-esteem or power will not work properly. We will feel paralyzed. When a person’s brain dies, the conscious mind or the ego cannot function at all. Still, an unconscious mind can keep important functions in check, and a person can continue to live. When we turn off the health support system, the body dies as the mind separates from the body. Yes, our brain is like a computer program. If it does not work for any reason, the software (brain) will crash.

A complete example of an attitude trapped in a crippled body is the story of Dr. Stephen Hawkins. He was a British scientist who suffered 55 years of motor neuron disease, which affected only the motor areas of his brain. Since other areas of his brain were unaffected, his ego (the conscious mind) could function normally; that is, he was able to think and reason. Thus, it is clear that certain areas of our brain are involved in maintaining our consciousness and awareness, unless the ego will not function.

In the Brisbane Courier-Mail Qweekend Magazine dated 24-4-2021, there was a story about three adults aged 20,21 and 22 from different backgrounds who died in their sleep. They fall asleep without waking up. They suffer from epilepsy and die from SUDEP (Unexpected Death in the Fall). This catastrophe shows that any brain damage can cause it to malfunction, and our health may be at risk.

Our mental and physical health depends on our ability to use our brain not only to build physically but also to understand how our brain works. We must learn how the ego influences the unconscious mind. We need to know how our thoughts affect our thinking and how our thoughts affect our actions. Our vision of the time we have created makes us timeless. We are trapped in a web of time and are constantly moving between the past, the present and the future. But really, there is no such thing as time.

There is an infinite magnitude around us. It is as real as the great time of our creation. The only thing that separates these things is our perception. Everyone experiences this timeless length from time to time when what you see in the mind and what you see becomes one. But because the ego is so dependent on thinking and the fear of endless disappearance it is impossible to see it.

To feel the infinite magnitude, one has to go to the top of the mountains or out in the woods away from any man-made structures. Here the gravity of nature is so powerful that it is easy to see the state of the viewer in your mind, and what you see becomes one thing. But one can find this anywhere. When this happens, you will find that we have only one meaning. Your mind meets eternity in this state, and you are fully aware of your inner and outer world. The ego is there, and it is not in the mind. You will see that you are also a part of this timeless aspect. No thinking but just awareness. But if the ego uses words to describe what you see, you will return to our normal space.

From the above perspective, one can see that we have only one mind, and that ego is not all mind. The ego cannot function successfully without a healthy brain. The brain allows the ego to think. The brain allows us to see reality. The ego commits itself to time without realizing that it is part of an infinite dimension.

What the ego is building is an escaping world today. The more one tries to escape the truth, the more out of contact with the truth one becomes. It confuses our ideas, and we will suffer from many mental health problems.

Therefore, it is time to better understand our self-esteem and to know our thoughts and ideas. We must use our brain to understand the immense magnitude and lose the fear of death before our mind separates from the body. Without realizing it, you are like a ship without an engine in the sea of ​​life. The raging seas will strike you. You will get worse when you get where you are going. However, if you want to be a ship that can plunge into rough seas without much effort, empower yourself with a self-knowledge engine.

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