Indicators for social inclusion of women provides a base for the non-equality between men and women coefficients, sex ratios, life expectancy, and the fertility rate indicates the overall status of women in the areas of education and literacy, economic growth, employment, access to health services and contraception, the educational status of the women in the age of marriage, literacy, and the participation of women in the home. Gender inequality is a worldwide phenomenon, except in the Nordic countries, but the gender gap has been of little importance in almost all major countries of the world.  The proportion of women in the Asian region, and even though life expectancy has increased across the globe, including in Asia, but also the general situation of women in most parts of the world. The same applies to the birth rate, which has declined in some regions, including Asia, however, the positive impact of these changes, and the number of women in the world is not as big as we expected. There is a significant difference between the genders in terms of reading literacy, although it is lower in the Asian region. The literacy rate among women in developing countries is not encouraging. Now, let's focus on a range of issues related to the social empowerment of women. 

Women's Social Empowerment: an End to violence against women
Violence against women is a real fact of life and we need to recognize the real tragedy behind this crime. This will destroy the women who are the most important, both mentally and physically. The time has come for the development of society and the women's movement's values as an integral aspect of women's empowerment. Women should be educated and know their rights, and they should be encouraged to bias and discrimination in the social environment, which has a direct or indirect impact on their mental and physical state. Education and awareness is going to be a huge step in the direction of gender-based violence. Only through education and understanding, we are able to connect with the vast majority of whom are women, who live in different parts of the world, and to prevent them from falling from the many forms of sexual violence, which is possible in their lives. We need to acknowledge the fact that women are under the constant threat of violence from a variety of sites. The oppressive structures of society must be changed, and the oppression of women needs to be stopped, but this does not happen with a few quick fixes. These changes may only be carried out by the social empowerment of women at a low level of education and awareness-raising.

Women's Social Inclusion: Issues of women's Social Empowerment

When we are speaking about the social groups that we look at the different issues that can be applied to the different parts of society  to improve the overall status of women. Among them, the most important issues facing women is in the education, health, women's participation in science and technology, women's health care under adverse conditions, violence, terrorism and the rights of women and girls.

Women's Social Empowerment :- Education and training 

We need to realize that gender inequality and discrimination have become the norm in society from this point of view, but it also affects all aspects of women's lives. Access to education and training is one of the most important goals of the social groups that you will need for the universal petition allowing all parts of the world. This will no doubt help in increasing the awareness of the woman, which in turn will boost their self-esteem. A confident and knowledgeable woman is able to deal with inequality and discrimination, which is better than a lot of ill-educated woman. But, on the other hand, we must acknowledge the fact that women and girls have never had equal access to education like men and boys. Female illiteracy is the highest among the female population. The women are far behind in terms of getting a good profession, trade, or occupation because of one’s lack of skill and training. There is a significant difference between the sexes, between secondary school and higher education. In addition, religious and caste practices have worsened the situation  in many parts of the world. The education system should be made more accessible  to women at the local level and should be upgraded to include a perspective of the education system which is being held back by gender stereotypes, and discrimination. Social institutions can play an important role in the universalization of education and training at the basic-level. This can be achieved by increasing the number of girls enrolled in primary schools, and equipping them with proper education and skills, at the same time so that they could stand on their own feet and live a healthy and happy life. 

Women’s Social Empowerment: Health and  Care of women 

When we talk about women’s health issues, we need to understand that women are exposed to a lot of hard times and in all different stages of their life cycle. It is sad to note that, as a part of our community ,we  are extremely biased against the girl child and can be labeled as criminals of the highest order because they are in practice the horrible crime of female fetishism. When we are dealing with the problem of high infant and maternal mortality rate. A woman’s right to make informed decisions related to their reproductive health rights is another area that needs attention. On the question of the recognition of reproductive rights, women do not have family planning options available to them. Education, training, and awareness-raising should be in this regard. Women are more at risk for sexually transmitted and  infectious diseases. Sexual disease is a major problem. The traditional knowledge on health, nutrition, and alternative medicine systems is under-utilized and is not considered to be appropriate. We have to recognize these types of systems, and integrate them into the mainstream of the healthcare system, to get them to work together. This should help to provide women with affordable, high-quality health care.

Women’s social participation:- Food, drinking water, sanitation, and housing 

For women in the stage of infancy and childhood, the stage of adolescence, and the reproductive stages, the risk will be greater. There is a strong link between the health of teenagers, a girl who gets pregnant , lactating women and children’s health. The macro and micro elements are necessary for those specific terms and conditions, but are not available, the majority of whom are women. At home, women and girls face a lot of discrimination. This happened at the beginning of the period of the development of the child as well as pregnant and lactating women. The other important issue is to get a drink of water and sanitation services, especially in rural areas and in urban slums. Apartment features and attention, including an adequate and safe living for women.Without these basic needs, we can consider some of the major steps in this direction are the social position of the group.

Women’s Social Empowerment :-the Environment 

The social empowerment of women and the environment are closely interrelated. Women can play an important role in the preservation and restoration of the environment. Women in rural areas make use of non-traditional, and environmentally-friendly energy sources, such as manure and animal waste, crops, and timber. The use of solar energy, bio-gas, and the non-cookers, can help women in rural areas, as they can act as eco-friendly tools.

Women’s social participation: the participation of Women in the development of science and technology

The empowerment of women cannot be complete without the equal participation of scientific and technological activities. They can keep up with a rise of creativity and creative energies in the field of science and technology. Today, their participation is limited to a very small number due to the widespread discrimination at the level of basic education and lack of opportunities for higher education. Reduction of hard work with the help of science and technology, is another area of concern which is crucial for the liberty of women, endless homework, and the acceptance of their contribution to the community.

The women’s Social Empowerment:- to Help Women in Difficult Times 

Women in difficult circumstances need to pay special attention to it. Most of the women are living in poverty,  depression, conflict situations, victims of natural disasters, the disabled, the widows, victims of domestic violence, non-married women, abandoned women, and a prostitute. They have hard realities that they need to face on their own at the mercy of this greedy world. However, in the runtime, this situation is reversed. Organizations, particularly community-based organizations, have come out in large numbers, to help these women who are the victims of this kind of discrimination.

Women's social empowerment: the fight against violence and discrimination 
Violence against women is a crook of a "crime against humanity". Domestic violence can be physical as well as psychological; and it happens  both at the front and at different levels of society. It is open to the public as is being applied in several societies through a variety of forms, including, customs, and traditions. Sexual harassment at work, aggression, violence and the trafficking of women and girls and different types of violence against women. Discrimination against women begins even when they are a child.  There are many types of violence and discrimination against the girl child as has been observed both in the family and in the community. To fight violence against women, it is necessary to develop and carry out specific awareness-raising programs at all levels. There is a need to develop strong constitution to withstand the criminals of violence against women. Their needs should be a priority, not only for the development of the law but also in the enactment process for the eradication of violence against women. 

Hence, we should launch  the campaign for the initial rise of women in all spheres of life, to restore the balance of nature. 

Somewhere there must be a beginning, and it's always a good idea and we should begin with ourselves. We can make this a mass phenomenon, the "rise of women", to bring about the necessary changes in your life, and what it feels like to be in our inner self. After that, we can bring new ideas to those who want to listen to them. A small step today will surely lead to a huge leap in the morning.

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