Impact of social media in our lives

We live in an age of information and everyone among us  wants to get information on issues related to our life. Man is a social animal who always wants to communicate with the public and somehow social media sites give them a clue to that. We had a community sometime back, but today we have social media! It has transformed our lives and had a profound impact on our culture, business, and the world. There has been an increase in visibility, with a growing number of people exposing themselves on social media.

There have been other aspects of our daily lives which have not been influenced by this amazing tool. Has this thought ever crossed your mind of how deep the impact of communication in our lives is? These sites have continued to change the way we work together.

Community Website

There are many exciting developments on the social web, which have led to a major uprising. Social networking sites such as snap chat and WhatsApp have continued to impact social media in that they are now seen as small social networks in their way.

Smartphone penetration is much higher than before, with almost 1.65 billion mobile communication accounts. The mobile phone has emerged as a shortcut technology that promotes growth in the social sector and has become a disruptive agent.

How Social Media Has Changed–The Best Side

Our world has transformed into a Global Village, always connected by a social network. What is the social impact on our lives that living far away from it can lead to extinction, and who wants to stop working in today’s world of powerful communication?

Here is a small decrease in the positive impact of communication:

●       Free Flow Connection

Remember those times when you were hesitant to share your opinion? Today, the social sector includes uninterrupted communication without barriers to communication. It empowers like-minded people to come together and choose one platform. It helps to unite people who work for the same goals and gives them an effective investment record in their efforts.

●         Empowerment

Wondering how the media has changed and empowered us again? There is the empowerment of many people, led by the sharing of ideas in the social sphere. Most people are empowered and have a lot of knowledge. It empowers people to gain basic knowledge, and the world becomes a small place to live.

●       Business and marketing

Today the barriers between businesses and their target audience are rapidly declining. It has become easier to contact customers and get feedback. This has helped businesses to focus on customer size and improve their services.

Playgrounds are on the rise today and the power of sound business ideas makes it easier for businesses to thrive, with the impact of increasing community growth.

social media has changed our lives - Lows

With equal benefits, it is easy to believe that the social sector is a good way, leading to positive change. How but not good! The thorns associated with the benefits of going to the community also have the power to suppress the smell of their various benefits. The following are some of how the social sector can misuse us:

●       Lack of authenticity

There is a lot of detail in the social field, which can be an enormous challenge to filter out real data. Authenticity is left to the public, which gives them a higher perspective as well. This lack of factual information makes many people ignorant and raises unnecessary roads.

●       Ground up and Angry Community Crowds

Love to eat news regularly from your favorite social networking website? It would be nice to have the news readily available, but it wouldn’t be so great if it could be a judgment seat for anything. While this has a positive effect on many cases, there are also negative ones. At one point, the news continues to stem the tide of social unrest that has led to devastating political catastrophe followed by abuse and humiliation in public places.

●       Lack of Security

Whenever you face the question of how social media has changed, the one word that comes to my mind is insecurity. Because of the abundance of informative discussions in the social sector, it has become a leading champion of mistrust. It has become one of those channels, which is increasingly viewed as uncertain. It led to the dissemination of information to unscrupulous audiences, which led to high crime rates.

●       Technological harassment

With technology, computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones have become part of our daily lives. Today, literally no one can live without these gadgets. The telecommunications industry has undergone significant changes over the past few decades. The Internet has enabled global borders to connect with just one click of a button. 

This social network has made it possible for people to communicate with one another from different parts of the world, to get to know one another, and to develop lifelong friendships. These sites and platforms help people find lost friends and family members and reconnect with them. But with the benefits, the new technology comes with its curse. And that curse is cyberbullying. It is a form of cyberbullying that is deliberately used in a hostile way to harass and threaten other people.

●       Threat

This problem has become a growing threat, especially to young people. Cyberbullying involves the use of messages or emails, rumors that are sent via email or posted on social networks, as well as pornography, videos, websites, or fake profiles. Sometimes it is very difficult to end cyberbullying because the source is unknown and cannot be blocked by us.Profanity messages and pictures can be sent anonymously and can spread quickly to a wider audience. It can be difficult and sometimes impossible to find a source. Deleting inappropriate or annoying messages, texts and images is very difficult after they have been sent.

●        Psychological Impact

Although social networking sites do not encourage such activities, they are still used as a tool to do so. It can lead to serious psychological consequences. Teenagers or children who are victims of this horrific crime may experience behavioral changes such as sudden and widespread alcohol and drug abuse, a tendency to skip school, feeling bullied, not wanting to go to school, low grades, low self-esteem, and chronic health problems.

That was true of evil and in addition to the obvious from our last… If I were to conclude that social media has changed, I would not say that it has its good times and bad, but it is up to us to do our best. It is important to be careful when using it, but the benefits of communication are too good to be taken lightly.

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