Why people change

 We live in a world full of uncertainty and there is every possibility that anything can happen in the next few minutes or hours. We may call it life or the change that has happened either for the good or bad depending on the situation.

The new happening or the change that has taken place has an impact on everything. If it is the change in behavior of a person, then it also has an impact on the lives of others.

Effects of Change:

The change in behavior of a person in a society may result in breaking or making of bonds. It can build relations or can hack anything that comes in its way after the change in one’s thinking or behavior. It can lead us sometimes towards the good or it can bring worse in one’s life. But nobody has control over it when it is about to take place. The people who may be knowing each other for decades become strangers in a few hours and don’t talk to each other any more. Some feel broken and some love to change but the effects that it brings on the lives of people are worth it to get lessons in life and we choose our new steps of life with more consciousness and stop believing on others easily.

Why People around us change:

People usually change because of the circumstances that may be doing rounds around them over a period of time. And to go along with them or move away from them, forces people to make a change in behavior or thinking which not only affects  one’s personality but also has a great impact on other lives.

The change of one person can destroy relations rather than  help them to build strong. Friendships can even witness a big blow if a friend gets changed. The expectations from a person seems broken and shattered if the person that you may be loving gets changed without any cause.

What makes people change:

1. That a person is not being respected by people around him.

2. That a person has achieved something great in life and doesn't care about others feels like he is above all.

3. That a person tries to be over smart and doesn't offer respect to others.

4. A changing person forgets about his past and believes more in new happening in life.

5. A changing person often starts ignoring people around him because he doesn't want to stay with them any more.

 Moreover, the people who may be changing do not want to stay with old friends or colleagues because the new things happening in their life make them feel better than their friends or the people who have been there for them over years.

Some people change because they did not want to be with people who may have failed in life in getting a job or achieving something good in their life that may have brought them at par with the successful friends or the changing people. The people who change because their friends have failed are the ones who don’t want to owe them any more and try to stay away from them at any cost.

Many people change because their ideas differ with the passage of time and they fail to go along side by side. These kinds  of people start arguing with each other on little or pity issues which later on force them not to face each other anymore.

How to behave if people around you change:

If a person who has been with you for years has changed suddenly and are showing signs of ignorance then you need to behave in a way that will be good for you for the days to come.

If you love the person who has changed and has stopped talking to you, make an effort and tell them that you love and owe them as a friend or person who has been close to your heart irrespective of the position that he may be carrying. But if the person did not respond to your call then let them go and don’t beg for your friendship before the person who is not willing to stay with you as your friend.

Similarly, if the people who have been part of your life have changed  and left you alone, let them go and try to start your life in a new way. One thing I want to tell you that you should not let your life suffer because of the people who don’t want to owe you as a friend. There is a long way to go rather than to feel suppressed in your life because of the people or the friends who have left you alone after decades.

In some cases we should take care that there may be other reasons for the person to change and that  may have happened either the person may have suffered a lot or had experienced a lot in life which needs to be respected and let them live their life according to their will. There may be other reasons by which people start ignoring other people and change because of the situations that arise suddenly in one’s life. This kind of change is not by choice but it is the time that has forced them to change or to behave like the way, a person may be behaving.

Some friends may be ignoring you because their life or your life  may get disrupted by staying in touch with each other but remember  you may be in their hearts all the time. Change is the law of nature and we should accept it no matter who is changing and for what reason.


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