Few skills to learn in life.
skills to learn in life

 Skill is the ability to  do something good or to get an expertise of something that helps you in life. It is basically a new way  of looking at things that one acquires with time whether it is time management, conflict management or eager to learn new things that benefit us as an individual in one way or the other.

Why is it important to have a skill?

As the competition is growing more and more in today’s world where the employers hire only people who have better skills or we can say those who have something extraordinary to show off  that can benefit the company or the institution in the long run. So to learn new skills in life has become mandatory for all of us if we are looking for jobs. Its importance has grown over time as the employers hire only people who have some kind of skill because the companies have adapted themselves to certain changes over a period of time for better results. Every company wants to go with a certain group of people who can beat others in the race and that is  why they are looking for candidates who can bring out better results in a specific period of time by utilizing their acquired skills.

How skill can be imparted?

There are many ways by which skill can be imparted to people who want to learn new skills in life for a better future. Skill learning centers or institutes should be established where the trainers should impart new skills to the youth which can help them to live a sustainable life or make them fit for the companies who want to hire people with some specific skills. We can establish community centers where any age group of people can join and learn something good that will not only help them in earning their livelihood but that will definitely help the country in the long run and they will be in a certain place where they can contribute a little bit in the development of the country. Moreover, there should be self determination and dedication for learning new skills in life.

Few Skills that you can learn

1. Typing: It is one among the good skills  that you should learn in your life. It will definitely help you to work as a freelancer for some data entry projects or you can land a job in a good company where you can show your typing skills. Typing makes you a different person than others as you don’t have to look towards the keyboard while writing any sort of content.

2. Translating languages: It is one among the best skills that should acquire and experience something new in life. This kind of skill is in demand in both government and private sectors and it will help you to get a job in both the sectors. It is a skill where you have an upper hand on languages that may or may not belong to your regional ones. To learn this kind of skill will definitely help you in the long race of getting jobs in any of the reputed companies.

3. Website Building: It is not that easy to build a website as it needs coding knowledge and you should try to learn that skill. By doing that you will be able to build websites for others and you can bid on projects related to website building on freelance. There are people who want to get their websites built for business units as they don’t know any kind of coding. So to learn this kind of skill will help you get your clients around your locality or all over the world by promoting your skill by bidding on projects on freelance.

4. Leadership skills: It is one of the best skills that one should learn in life. A team who works together needs a leader to get the task done is a specific period of time which is also another type of skill I,e time management. To lead the team and make things happen for the company or for the place where you work, you have to develop some kind of leadership qualities in you and explore yourself as a person who may be able to lead the team in a better way. So, learning this kind of skill will be a plus point that can put you on the top among your colleagues.

5. Oral and writing communication skill: We know that some people fail to communicate with others and are not able to present themselves to others in a good way. Oral and writing skills make it easier to communicate with others without putting too much effort. To have this kind of skill you need to learn to speak fluently or you should be able to present your projects in a written way so that your colleagues or boss can understand your vision clearly. By having this kind of skill you can also mention that in resumes that you mostly send to companies to get hired for your dream jobs.

Besides the above mentioned skills, here are a list of few skills that employers usually look for

·   Decision making

·   Problem solving

·   Determination and persistence

·   Conflict management

·   Adaptability

·   Self Motivation

·   Confidence

·   Ability to work in harmony with co-workers

·   Eager and willing to  add to their knowledge base and skills.

We need to impart all the skills in our life because the work environment in today’s world demands it from us as the companies have found new ways of working for better production or the results.

The companies are looking for candidates who may have an upper hand on others in one way or the other. So learn new skills in order to get fit for the job and adapt yourself according to the changes like the way companies have adapted themselves over the decades.

Lastly, I would like to say that by learning new skills in life will pave the way for something good that can help you to live a life where you can feel safe and secure and no worries of not getting hired for the job.

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