Death, The Ultimate Destination
Death, the ultimate destination.

As the word Death is not new for all of us because it is a part of our life which everyone is going to face one day. It doesn’t allow us to speak or move any more when it comes because we don’t have any control over it. But the question of how I will be treated after my life has been there in my mind over the years. And it may have haunted few among you whenever you may have been thinking about it in your life.

How I will be treated after Death:

Nobody wants to leave this world in a way that we are being  taken away by the process which is called death. It has no fixed place or time that we may be knowing how and when it is going to hug us and take our life away from us. This will be the most disturbing moment when we will be witnessing our last breaths. But we have to face it and there will be no chance to have our life back for a few seconds or minutes so that we can say goodbyes to our dear ones.

Some people may be feeling sad about you and some may be loving it depending on how you have lived up your life. Few people who may be feeling sad include your family, friends or the relatives but there may be a section of people who may be feeling good about your destiny because you may have stood up for yourself in building the lives of your loved one’s which include your family and friends.

How people will behave with my body:

I am sure nobody  is being called by his/her name after his death. Same will be the case with our corpus, where we will not be called by our name that we were having with us over a period of time. The name that has given a certain identity and was like a tag in our whole life. But the time has changed and if anybody may talk about you that will be like, “Bring the dead body here and there” and some may be calling for the last bath where some may be asking for the last rites like bring the dead body for the last bath or rites. But nobody will call you up by your name. What the people may be calling you is the body that has no life. Some may be calling the corpus a soul who has witnessed a good in life and that may include your loved ones.

Some people may be counting your mistakes that you may have committed unintentionally. But you may be the one who will be waiting for the last rites or waiting for the last goodbyes from your family, friends, relatives or from the people who have been a part of your life or may have come across  your life.

This certain period of time when you will be gathered by a number of people will be nothing less than a crowd in a circus who will be looking forward to their life while making your last rites.

But there will be one person who may be losing you more than anything in life. He/she may be feeling that the whole world has been taken away from him/her. But the people who may not be calling you by your name anymore may be comforting them in the crowd which will be seen nowhere  after performing your rites.

Your family will be left alone in a few days holding your pain in their hearts. They will feel helpless and that will be the worst nightmare which may have no end  for the years to come.

How  things will change for your loved ones:

With the passage of time, your loved ones will also start a new way of life while you will be missed or remembered but the people who may have performed your last rites may force them to build their lives again either by bullying them or pointing out the weakness that may have come after losing you. But to stand and fight for the rights will be the priority of your family rather than to remain in a state of grief or carrying your thoughts while fighting against the people who may be hurting them. It may be your family and close friends who will miss you the most and nobody else.

And the time will come where you will be no more discussed and you will be only remembered in prayers by your family who may be wishing for your goodness where your soul may be lying without your dear ones with whom you have lived up your life for years or decades.

Lastly, I would like to say let us live our life doing good for us and for others. Let us help each other and make this life beautiful for everyone because we have to leave this place anytime soon after which we will be remembered in prayers by a few including those whom we may have helped in our life. Let us stand for each other and make this world a beautiful place.

Note: This post does not represent  any religious sect but the views that you may be seeing in this post are the Author's own  while describing his own way of looking at the Death. 

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