How to learn typing faster?
How to type faster.

As we know that having a skill in today's world is a good thing. It is one of the plus points that one needs to get a job in today’s digital world. Without a good skill, it is very hard to get a job in companies that offer a good salary. Typing is one of the skills that you will learn about in this post.
What is typing?
It is a way of writing something by using your fingers on the keyboard or keypads which can be in a form of numbers or alphabets and it mainly depends on two things i,e speed and accuracy. 
Typing helps us in grabbing jobs in private or government sectors that demand such type of skill. Typing makes our job easier and saves time while writing any type of content
Speed in typing:
It is one of the main things that one needs to take care of while typing any type of content. But it cannot be attained within a day or two as it demands more and more practice on daily basis on different keyboards.
Accuracy in typing:
As we know that word accuracy is something that points us towards the accurate or correct typed words. The more the correct words you type, the more the accuracy you will be having in typing. If the accuracy is good then only you will be able to attain perfect speed of typing.
How to learn typing?
As you may know that all of us try to acquire some skills in life that benefit us and typing is one among such skills that need to be learned in order to achieve something good in our life.
So, I suggest you start learning to type faster and faster with accuracy and achieve a skill that you may be proud of. For that you can go to where you can learn how to place your fingers on the keyboard alphabets and start taking part in typing competitions within a few days of your learning process.
In a journey of learning this skill, you need to be patient as it is not a one day task where you can do it all in no time. According to my experience, it can take a few days to one or two weeks where you will completely learn as to which finger you should place on a particular alphabet.
Furthermore you can download a typing tutor where you will be given practice tasks about the placement of fingers and it will definitely help you in the overall learning process.
How to type faster?
The question of how to type faster comes to mind after we learn about the placement of fingers on the keyboard. I will tell you how much time it took me to reach 60 wpm or above and believe that was after putting a lot of effort in that task.
First I will suggest that you should maintain your sitting position that makes you feel more comfortable and easy to type while you go for typing practice. If you had one thing in mind, that you have to learn typing then you have to keep it in mind that there will be pain in your fingers, neck or back for some days as the task you are doing is something new and you may have never tried it before in your life. But as you keep on practicing on a daily basis, you will feel relaxed and you will love the game of typing and you can show off that skill in front of your friends, employers, or the colleagues working with you.
It is a skill that one feels proud of and helps out others in less time by writing the content on computer or typewriter. Typing faster is a skill that can be attained by maintaining better accuracy while typing the passage. If you will focus on accuracy that will automatically increase your speed because you will be able to type accurate words without looking at them.
Minimum Speed for jobs:
As we know that jobs like junior assistant demand typing speed and accuracy. The minimum speed and accuracy that most jobs demand is 35 wpm and 90% accuracy respectively. And to get speed is not so hard if you practice on a regular basis. I will tell you if you start with 1 wpm on day one, it will take you a month or so to reach 35 wpm which is not so hard to achieve in a month. When i started typing it took me more than a month to reach 35 wpm and i will tell you that there is no need to stick to your keyboard or typewriter for 8 to 9 hours a day. And remember there is no shortcut  or magic out there in typing that you can  reach that speed in a day or so. 
Typing is a skill which can be learned over time and it will definitely help you for the rest of your life. If you talk of my experience, I attained the speed of 35 wpm in more than 04 weeks which is almost a month and then I reached the speed of 60 wpm  with almost 94 -96% accuracy in a year.
Benefits of Typing:
1.It saves you time and you will wrap up things in less time. And if  you have this kind of skill you will have an upper hand on the content that you may be writing and you don’t have to look at the alphabets on the keyboard.
2.If you know typing words at the speed 35 wpm or above you will be the employers first choice for the company. If you type faster than that then you don’t have to worry for the job as typing faster is a skill that can give you opportunity at regular intervals.
3.The most important thing that we may be proud of is that by typing faster we can do more work in less time because you don’t have to hold the pen or paper for writing down the content.
4.One more benefit of typing is that you can be your own boss in terms of employment. You can become a freelancer, type the content of others and get paid according to your demand.
Lastly, I will suggest that you should learn this amazing skill of typing that will definitely help you to become independent in terms of job and it will also help you to experience a new way of life by typing faster than ever before.

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