The facts about body language

A man walks, gets up, sits, stands, sees, listens, talks, fluctuating words, sound, confidence, positive pride, all these things are very important in achieving every human personality.

There are countless languages spoken in the world today. There are countries where thousands of languages are spoken at the same time. The most widely spoken language in the world is Mandarin which is spoken in China, Taiwan, and Singapore. Then comes Spanish and then English, there is another language that is considered all over the world, it is sign language, the beauty of this language is that it does not need any type of words, language is basically But there is a means of human interaction by which human beings communicate with each other.

The Accent

In addition to language, the accent is very important in conveying your message to others. Accent interprets and translates our words correctly. Even by accent, a person needs words to understand or understand something, but a language is a language that does not need words or an accent to understand. This language is called body language. Sometimes a person says something, their accent says something else, but body language says something else, in which case these three sources send different messages.

For example, a person who is weak on the inside and feels inferior, even if they are a little loose. The words are appropriate, the accent is sour but the body language makes it clear that it is hollow on the inside, the hands will shake with the sound, the nose will be swollen, the body hair will unconsciously stand on end. 

Different Situation

The fingers of the hands will begin to chatter. If he is standing, then he will sit down. If he is seated, then he will stand. When he walks in such a state, his hands will start to move faster than his feet. Running, in this situation, if you ask such a person to put water into the glass from the jug on the table, he will not be able to fill the beaker without pouring water on the table.

So he won't pay much attention to what he is saying, he will take it as a daily protest and if the person in front of him is just following his tone then he will have to make his point very seriously, and if he leaves out the other two things, only his body language. 

Take a look at the folks at Showbiz. Take a look at any successful Showbiz personality. Of course, his choice of words might not be unique, even though his accent is not very popular, but in terms of body language, you will find him very glamorous and awesome.
I believe language is the last resort to communicate with others, especially when it comes to love, a person's limbs scream and say what they want to say. Or whatever is in his heart right now, in the presence of the person concerned, your body language is separate, in fact, your whole body from head to toe is language reflecting your emotions. 

Now it depends on the awareness of the person in front of you whether their awareness is based on whether or not they understand you from your body language. You look at the personality of those who care about all of these things and you look at the personality of those who don't care about all of these things, you will clearly see the difference.

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