The Things You Didn't Know About Computer

A computer is an electronic machine that processes information and gives us output according to the given data or instructions. The word computer can be defined as a common Oriented Machine Particularly Used for Trade, Education, and Research. Computers work on the principle of Input-process-output. It means that we give instructions or commands to the computer (Input) and then it processes the information and gives us the output. This ability makes the computer an extremely useful machine which is used in banks, health, and medicines, in the field of science and technology, and in many more areas.

Parts of the computer:

The computer can be divided into two main parts which can be mentioned as Hardware and Software


All the physical devices of a computer that you can touch or see are called Hardware which can be further divided into main categories: (a) Main parts (b) Peripherals. The monitor, keyboard, mouse, and central processing unit (CPU) are called the main parts of a computer. Apart from these main parts, there are many other parts that can be attached to a computer but they are not necessary to run a computer but are used to perform particular tasks or work. These parts are called the computer’s peripheral devices. Printer, CD/DVD, Pen drives, scanner, etc are some of the peripherals devices of computers.

Hardware devices of a computer can be touched or seen and are mainly the input devices of a computer which can be further defined as under:

Input Devices:

 1. Keyboard

 It is the most commonly used input device which has many keys on it. The standard keyboard has usually as many as 124 keys on it and it has also some function keys on it which are designated as (F1, F2… and so on)

2. Mouse:

The mouse of the computer is mainly used for pointing and selecting items on the computer’s screen. It has two buttons (left and right button) and a wheel in the center. The arrow-head you see on the computer’s screen is called the Mouse Pointer or the Cursor. This pointer follows the movement of the mouse and the functions of the mouse are performed by clicking on buttons which may be either left-clicked or right-click. Some common functions of a mouse are -select and deselect items, drag or drop items on the computer screen.

3. Trackball:

The trackball is the device used to perform the function similar to the mouse. It has a ball on the top which is rolled with the finger to move the cursor on the screen. Laptops have a trackball inside them but currently, it has become hard to find.

4. Joystick:

It is mainly used for playing games on the computer. It is used to move objects or the cursor quickly on the screen which makes it easier to play the game on a computer without putting much effort. 

5. Light Pen:

This device is mainly used for drawing objects directly on the screen. It is very easy to handle and is mostly used by artists, engineers, etc. to draw directly on the computer screens.

6. Scanner:

This device helps us to feed pictures and documents into the computer by scanning them. It converts them into the digital format so that a computer can understand and store them. The scanner uses a light beam to scan the documents.

7. Microphone:

It is used to give the sound as input to the computer. With the help of a microphone, we can record and store our voice or any other sound like music and songs.

8. Touch screen:

This is simply the technique to choose the desired option by touching the desired icon on the display of the computer with our fingers.

Besides this, the Processing Device (CPU) is the brain of the computer system. All major calculations and comparisons are performed inside the CPU and the out data is served to us by the computer system. The actual processing unit inside the CPU is the microprocessor which has two basic parts: the Control unit and Arithmetic Logic Unit.

Output Devices:

The output device accepts the processed data from the computer and translates them into a suitable form for the user. Monitor, Printer, Plotters, Speakers are examples of output devices. 


The computer hardware needs software or programmes to work with. Software is a set of instructions that tells the computer hardware how to perform a specific work. Different software is used to perform different tasks. There are mainly two types of software (a) System software (b) Application Software.

Applications of computers in various fields:

computers have overtaken all most all the sectors of life and it is impossible to do anything without computers in life. The various fields where the computers are used are mentioned below.

Use of computers in homes

Computers have become an important part of our life and we are unable to perform many tasks without them. Computers can be used in homes for playing games, browsing the internet, listening to music, and watching movies. Computers have made our life better as we can send emails or design greeting cards from home.

Use of computer in schools:

In schools computers are used for teaching subjects like computer science, maintaining the school’s accounts. The students also use computers in schools for various projects and learn new things by acquiring more knowledge on different subjects.

Use of computers for Entertainment:

Computers play an important role in movie-making and have made it easier than ever before. It has revolutionized the entertainment industry. Computers are used in making animated movies and serials, composing and recording music, adding special sounds to the recordings, and adding special effects in movies. In the Entertainment industry computers are also used for creating digital games.

Besides this, there are many more fields where the computer has revolutionized various sectors and has helped to make our life easy and comfortable. We should accept this revolution and learn new things about computers. To impart computer education in children will really help us to grow in a better way and to make good changes in our society in the future.

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