Everyone wanted to be fearless and this is good for survival in the world if you are afraid of doing something than I sure you will not able to live your own life and if you are afraid of what others talk about you and what will  happen if I do go for something. if you are afraid of the dog and other wild animals so this is natural if you are not afraid of them then they will bite you. It's good if you can fight with those animals if not so don't be overconfident. if you want to be fearless and brave so below are some tips you should read and practice.

Listen to yourself

You should be able to fight problems by listening to your inner voice and if you are insulted and discouraged you should not be hurt because he is a real person who forces us to succeed, he makes us happy. What is wrong with fate, so always pursue your goal.

The things you afraid of

Make a list of the things you are afraid of and find out if there is a physical or mental fear and try to find a solution. Taking a risk is a difficult question, most people were afraid to make a decision, they are afraid of the consequences, they always think about what would happen if I failed. So always think positive and try to experience things, it's a real thing to be fearless and successful.

Encouraging yourself is the best thing to be fearless and lucky, only you know what I want and what my priorities are so always respect yourself and motivate yourself for success!

Target your goals

Creating specific and realistic goals and making sure you are setting the right goals is easy, but sticking to the goals is very difficult and making the right decisions is also a way to achieve goals because everyone Those with a clear goal can fly straight like an arrow or a mountain and don't be afraid. If someone rejects you and laughs at you, some box can push you towards success and force you to achieve goals. Are Here are some ways to stay on target!

If you want to achieve something great in life, the most important thing is to reward yourself and respect yourself because only you are a good friend or a bad friend to yourself. After all, a friend is about your friend. Everyone knows and he goes. Move on to the bad days of life, so always reward or encourage yourself if you want to achieve something in the future!

Neglect negative thinking

Making a task or plan can reduce the stress on your mind and increase your efficiency at work, then you can manage your time, so always try to plan a day or your day. Do the work, you can then move quickly

The biggest problem going forward is negative thoughts, this is the worst problem, but all you can do is always hope in Allah and be serious in whatever you do and ignore them. Negative thoughts and the negative people with whom they can destroy us Be courageous to Be ambitious Goals Be enthusiastic in your goals and be confident.

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