How to control my anger?
how to control my anger

We are prone to various emotions and act according to the situation that arises in front of us. Our emotions deal with people than we deal physically with them. Anger is one of the emotions that we carry along with us all the time and the people usually want to control it and keep on finding ways to have an upper hand on it to avoid any conflict.

Causes of Anger

There may be different causes of anger for different persons. Some people got angry because of the work stress or the personal issues that lead to anxiety or anger. Some people get angry towards children and some get angry towards their mother or father.

The anger that we have towards children maybe because of their actions or the activities that we don’t like about them. They may be spending more time on social or maybe doing activities that don’t benefit them in any way. We as parents get angry and show them the same so that they are stopped before they commit anything wrong that may spoil their future.

When I get angry towards my mom or father

Some children get angry about their mother or father. The reason may be that they don’t like the advice or they don’t love to hear anything from parents and that is one of the bad habits that need to be avoided by the children who don’t love to listen to elders. The children should take the advice of their parents seriously and should not argue with them. They should understand that their parents did not want them to see their life getting spoiled for no reason. This will definitely keep you away from getting angry and your parents too will stay from showing anger towards your behavior.

When somebody gets angry so easily:

Certain people among us get angry easily on some petty issues. These people become so frustrated easily that they want to get things done in their own way and do not want to correct the mistakes of other people. The person who gets angry easily needs to be dealt with differently and that includes no to argue with them anymore and agree with his words instead you know that the mistakes committed by you may be taken care of in the future.

When I get angry for no reason

Some people get angry without any reason and that anger is showered upon the wife or the children. This kind of person is either frustrated or has become bored by traveling or the day's task. This kind of anger is usually seen at the time when a person comes home after work. There is no reason for this anger and the person cools down after showering his anger on the persons around him. Before showing anger on others, the mind of such a person seems full of frustration which needs to be thrown out at any cost.

Anger towards Husband

Certain females get angry with their husbands and start arguing with them. This kind of anger is usually because of the demands or needs that a wife asks for her husband. This type of anger has a bad effect on the children which sometimes affects their studies and the family matters become difficult to handle. 

This kind of anger comes out sometimes from the sufferings of female partners who feel bored or have a bad time while managing home. To look after everybody and keep things going smoothly in a home sometimes puts a big burden on housewives and that leads them to anxiety or anger. If the differences are not sorted out easily this kind of anger leads us to even family splits or the divorces among the partners.

How to control my anger?

There are certain differences in our ideas and that is why we start arguing with each other. This gives rise to our anger which is always destructive if not controlled. Nobody wants to hurt other people when they are not angry, but they don't have control over anger and that’s why they do what they don’t want to do in their natural state of mind.

Anger sometimes proves fatal and you all may have seen or come across such incidents in life. It is destructive and we need to understand it no matter if we may be right or wrong while arguing. But we should control our anger or either leave such a place while we may be arguing or know that I may get angry while going for arguments with a person who may be wrong.

The anger towards children should be controlled in a way to not to talk to them harshly and behave with them in a friendly way. If you will peacefully advise them, I am sure they will love it and follow what you may have directed to them.

Anger towards the husband needs to be controlled and the differences should be sorted out peacefully. If you stop arguing with him, he may love you more and provide what you asked for. The less, the arguments, the more peaceful life. So stop heated arguments and solve the differences with love that will definitely benefit you both as parents and as well as your children.

There is one thing that needs to be taken care of is that don’t ask or advise people frequently. If you think or come to know that the person you are advising or arguing doesn't love to listen to your words, the only way to not get angry is to stop advising or arguing from your side.

There is also a kind of people who love to argue for no reason and they are not worth getting your attention. So stop arguing with them or leave the place where you get angry. Sometimes when we do something bad in anger we have to keep regretting it for some time or the years to come. So please control your anger, don’t regret, and live a peaceful life.


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