We as individuals come across different sections of society in our life and beggars are one of the groups among us who strive hard to survive in this community. We face them in our day to day life when they beg for something from us. This community faces hardships more than any section of the society which needs to get empowered so that their lives are driven to a better one. 

Who are Beggars?

Beggars are those people who depend on others for their survival. They beg for food, money, and clothes that are necessary for one’s survival or existence.

Begging methods may be different for different beggars but the aim of all is to get something from somebody and survive. Some beggars may knock on your door and ask for food or clothes and some may stop your car and beg for money. Their life is different from the rest of the people in the world because they don’t own a car, a house, or even don’t have a bank balance.

How Beggars start their day?

The beggars start their day on the footpaths walking towards the traffic streets where the traffic lights may stop your car and open for beggars to get some food or money from the window of your car. But it is not that easy to beg as some people among us pass on the comments or perform obscene acts towards them and they feel disrespected and heartbreaking while they ask us for food or money. The beggars face hardships while begging for something from somebody. They have to beg during the sunny or rainy days or else they will not be able to feed their children or themselves. 

Our behavior towards beggars:

Sometimes the people who don’t offer anything to them abuse and behave ruthlessly or pass on the comments about their poverty. But we should not laugh at somebody’s poverty because the beggars are not choosers of their daily routine. They are forced by poverty to do something for their survival or existence. 

They also tend to choose a better life like us but the resources or the opportunities are less to them than other people of the world. They did not choose to beg by choice rather they feel it is the only way left behind for them to live a happy life in their own world. But the social stigma towards beggars is so negative that people usually don’t offer them any kind of help for which they may be in dire need of. 

The people disown them as if they are not a part of our society which needs to be stopped at the earliest. But we should not forget those who offer help to them in day to day life. Many people among us help them when they get in touch with them either on the streets or if they get a knock on the door of their house. They are the ones who really want to uplift their lives towards a better tomorrow. 

We should offer them respect and own them as individuals of this society like the ones who help them so that they feel safe, respected, and get empowered to uplift themselves from begging life. 

Beggars Dress and Hair:

The people usually hate them for their clothes and the hairstyle they have to live in their life. The fact is that they did not get enough from begging so that they can maintain their lifestyle in a good way. They usually earn a little bit which they just use to serve the hunger that they may be going through during the begging hours. We must not judge them based on their dress code or the hairstyle for which they even don’t have cared in their life because of poverty. 

Beggars on the Streets:

Beggars usually spend their begging time on the streets or footpaths. They usually keep on waiting when they may get some food or money so that they can pass the few hours of the time of their life with ease. They are the victims of the poverty that has put a big burden on them in their life.

The beggars on the streets are homeless people who depend on the open rooftop of the sky, no matter how hot or rainy the climate may be. Sometimes they become victims of traffic accidents and precious lives are lost for no reason. They are among us and we need to realize this truth and accept them as a part of our society and take some measures to help them to come out of such a  life.

What needs to be done for the beggars?

We should take some steps in a good way so that this community may be uplifted and they too can live a better life. We should offer them help no matter how little it may be but we should try to do a little bit from our side. We have to build charity organizations and contribute so that the help reaches out to the deserving persons. 

The Government should also collect the database of such persons and help them to get their own house or settle them anywhere or pay monthly honorarium so that the education be imparted to their children which will definitely help them to come out of such a life shortly. We need to build social groups and help the people who are begging in their lives for their livelihood. 

We should encourage more and more people to offer help to those who need it so that the beggars may be uplifted. The mass awareness programs should be organized to make people aware of the begging scenario and treat it as a social issue that needs to be eradicated like other social issues. We need to make education arrangements for the children of those who begin their daily life and that too should be free of cost for them. 

We need to organize charity programs or events at the end of every month so that people are given a chance to offer help to those who need it. The donations should be distributed to them and empower them to get skilled so that they can earn their livelihood in a respected way. 

I hope someday the poverty and begging go away with the help of donations or charity so that we make the world a better place. 

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