Why you should experience friendship in your life

Friendship is one of the valuable gifts that we have in our lives. But it is not that easy to keep it for long as you may have seen that friendships change over time. Some friendships last forever because of the sympathy and the trust that they keep for one another. Some people want to know what is true friendship? As there are friends who doubt one another and they usually end up in breaking the bond of friendship.

True Friendship:

When your friends Change:
It is a form of friendship in which people who are friends to each other keep their promises and are willing to cross the limits of their lives while serving one another. It is not like that to go and say to a friend thatI am ready to die for you. It is a bond that needs to be built and show support to one another in good and bad days.

The true kind of friendship demands much more trust and sympathy which usually takes the whole of your childhood or school days. The two people who are true friends usually have much more to offer for one another. The bond of truth is always unique and away from that selfish kind of behavior by any of the friends that is why true friendships last forever.

Nothing is permanent in this world and things keep on changing with time. Change is the law of nature and people follow this as time passes. Everybody may have encountered the situation when you see your friend changes for no reason. You are left behind and the person you have trusted upon for years has nothing to offer you from now onwards.

Feeling for friends

This may be the worst kind of feeling that a friend can have for a friend while losing him. The unexpected things that a friend can imagine from a friend while getting apart from their friendship. Losing and gaining people in life has been a part of human lives from the beginning. Some friends may become your enemies and some enemies may become your friends. It is a matter of time as to when and where we gain or lose people. But losing a friend of your school or childhood days is a bit worrying and painful.

Five reasons why friendships change:

Most of the friends change after a certain period. This change in friendship arises because of the feuds that take place in between the two friends. If not settled on time, these feuds lead us to break or parting from friendship.

The other reason for breaking a friendship maybe the achievements that one may be proud of and leaving the other friend in a half. The friend who may have achieved something good in his/her life disowns the other and starts feeling ashamed of him as a friend.

One of the main reasons for ignoring a friend may be the entry of new friends in one’s life. This kind of person feels more happy and comfortable with new friends than older ones. And you should not count such a person as your best friend; if you did so then you may be wrong while choosing your friends.

The other reason for getting ignored as a friend may be the job assignment of the other one which is the most common cause of breaking a friendship and that is not done by choice which needs to be accepted by the one who gets ignored.

One of the other reasons is married life that hinders most of us to remain in touch with older friends. The family issues and the struggle for one’s own life start here where one remains more bound and is answerable to every second he spends away from the family. But some people stay in touch with best friends no matter how hard it will be for them to manage.

Some friendships last forever and keep flourishing over the years. The people who stay in this kind of true friendship have kept their promises always and stand side by side whenever they need each other the most. They have built trust in one another for years and have overcome great challenges together. 

The friends in true friendship sacrifice for each other and are always there for one another. They have spent most of the time of their life together and know each other well. True friends help each other during financial troubles and stand by each other's side. 

They are good at insulting each other and don’t care what others may think about them but when it comes to offering respect for each other, that remains to be the top priority of their friendship. The friends in true friendship become more than brothers or sisters and offer everything for each other. 

True Friend

A true friend stands by your side every day and whenever you need them, they do not make excuses no matter how hard it will be for them to help you at the moment. They try to do a bit and want to see you safe and secure. They never want to see you worried about your life, the pain you may be going through seems to be their own because their dear friend is facing it. 


But some steps need to be followed while choosing friends for our life. We need to think 100 times before we make somebody a friend in our life. If we pick wrong people as friends we have to pay the price and that may be higher than your enemy wants to see you pay in your life. 

Before picking people, we need to see their behavior, their attitude, and interact with them so that we can judge them by their nature. Their daily habits may be a good sign for you to catch and make appropriate decisions about friendship. He should not be carrying any bad habits that can affect your life and career. 

Well Manner friends

He should be well mannered with a good personality and should not be a selfish person. A person with a selfish personality can not be called a good friend and we should stay away from them at any cost. If we choose such people as our friends, we will pay the price and may feel insulted later on in our life.

Friendship is one of the amazing gifts that we should be proud of in our life but when your best friends change that hurts and the true meaning of friendship seems to be lost at the moment. Some friendships last for long and we hope your friendship stays healthy and keeps supporting when you need each other the most in your life.

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