Why should we move on in life?

We are surrounded by people whom we know or communicate with them in our life. Some are our friends and some seem to be our big enemies but they too are from our community and we have to live with them.

All people are known by their personality and the attitude they built towards us by which we easily came to know whether they like us or not. We at times can come to a conclusion about their imagination that they had built towards us in their mind.

We are not so deaf and dumb that we can’t judge what they think about our life. Some people around you want to see you grow more and more in your life and that maybe your family or friends whom you love the most. But other people don’t want you to see happiness in your life.

They will never think of good for you and will never appreciate you for your good work rather they will search for your mistakes and will highlight them in front of your family, friends, or relatives. They will definitely leave no stone unturned to let you down so that people will start disrespecting you.

If the people around you don’t like your way of dealing with things, just ignore them. If they want to engage you in things that you don’t want to deal with just leave them apart and focus on the work you have in your priority list. And if you complete your work in a good manner, that will be the worst nightmare for them.

If they target your job or land, just follow the procedure of the law. By a few clicks, you will be able to know about the law that can hit them back and lay them down on their knees.

If they hate you, go away from them and don’t care much about them and just work on things you need to finish.

If they keep hurting you, just find new ways to deal with them and try to move on. You should not make their efforts to suppress you in your life. You should try to make things good for you and never let them win your life.

But some people know how to deal with people who let you down or try to harm you in many ways. They stand up and can go for anything and they don’t care who they are?. These people don’t care about their jobs or anything but they definitely care about the family that they love the most and the future generations that their family may see in the coming years.

But I will tell you one thing and remember that in life “You have to stand up for yourself when you need it”. If we can't’ stand up for ourselves we will never be able to defeat our enemies. 

People who don’t have enemies may have never stood up for anything good in their life. And those who speak up for themselves and for the people whom they love, have lots of other people in the queue to let them down in their life. They always are in search of getting a chance to make this happen so that they will do whatever they want to do with you.

We have lots of people around us who sometimes make a team and try to harm you in many ways. They try to make you feel alone so that you will give up and leave the place and ask them for pardon. Their soft attacks maybe your job, land, or the family whom you care about the most.

But if you want to make sure that the future of your family and the generation to come should be safe and secure then you have to deal with these kinds of people no matter how hard it will be. You have to fight for your right and for the family which may be suffering from those kinds of people.

These kinds of people need to be defeated at any cost so that you may live a peaceful life but that may leave you paralyzed for the rest of your life.

They may target your job and you may end up losing it. They may grab your land and you can’t do anything. But there is one thing that you can do is that you can teach them a lesson of their life which they can remember for long in their life. 

If you succeed in it, you will love it and feel safer and secure than ever. You will be the hero of your family and nobody will try to harm you again in the future. And if anybody will think of making you harm, he may be forced to think hundred times by your past lessons before going for it. 

How can you defeat your enemies?

We as human beings are prone to emotions like anger and happiness. Sometimes we feel depressed and don’t know how to deal with the bad phase of life that we may be going through.

If  I could tell you what I do whenever I feel the same, I usually go for asleep even if it is the daytime and after waking up I plan things and decide what to do? And How to do it? And most of the time I have succeeded in coming out of the bad phases of life.

What we do is most of us feel worried when we come across such incidents in our life. We keep on searching “How to deal with it?” and read some stuff on the Internet and just close the page. But the reality is life is different and it needs to deal according to the situation that we may be going through.

Sometimes the stuff seems far more away from our problems and we are forced to deal with the situation without any sort of help. We may find anybody or nobody who can help us to deal with such kinds of people.

And if I ask you that it needs the skill to deal with such kind of people who try to let you down always for what you do,  then you need to develop it. Those people who don’t have any experience of dealing with such kinds of people. They feel scared, lonely, and just find a way to escape from the reality and the harm they may be facing. 
If any of the guys like you face discrimination, "just stand up for yourself and your family". You may be the one who has the responsibility of securing your family and for the better future that your family may be wishing for.

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