Habit is the practice of doing things constantly which is acquired by a person and forms a part of his behavior with the passage of time. It is an important part of our life by which we are designated as to what kind of person we are i.e good or bad.

Habits are of two types; good and bad  habits:

Good Habits are a kind of habit which do not hurt us or the society we live in or we can say that good habits are those habits by which we get respected or praised by others in the society.

Bad Habits are a kind of habit which hurt us or the society we live in or we can say that bad habits are those kinds of habits by which people get irritated by our acts or actions that we do in our daily routine.

Some bad habits do not affect our health but they definitely hurt us as a person by affecting our personality which results in getting disrespected by others in our society. Habits leave footprints on our life which sometimes decides our future either by acquiring or losing our job, as our personality has a big impact on our life.

Different people have different habits; some people talk continuously, some smoke or drink, Some people help the poor or perform charity. On the basis of actions we perform in our daily life, society easily designates us as to what kind of habits we have acquired over a certain period of time.

If we have good habits, society praises us and we may become role models for others. And if the person has bad habits, he is hated by many people around him. On many occasions, people don’t show them the hate they have for their bad habits. But to hate the bad habits of a person does not mean to isolate the person in society for his bad habits but to realize that it is not good to have a bad habit in one’s life.

Mostly bad habits have a negative impact on one’s own life but at times the person with bad habits is responsible for so many bad social issues among which one is domestic violence against the women folk due to alcohol usage of the married men. 

Alcohol usage not only affects one’s own health but also makes the life of others miserable including one's family members. This kind of bad habit leaves a person paralyzed and makes their own life unstable in terms of financial income. This kind of bad habit is responsible for domestic violence against women and gives birth to criminals in the society who perform robbery or other bad social acts that need to be eradicated. So avoiding this bad habit may lead us to build a sustainable life and make society a better place to live in.

Cigarette smoking is one of the bad habits that most people acquire in their life. It affects one’s own health and puts the lives of others in danger also. Most of the wealth of the smokers go waste in lighting the cigarette and the other people around the smoker get irritated by bad habits of smoking in public.

Back bitting is also one of the bad habits which some of the people have acquired in their life for no reason. It is responsible for leading other people towards depression or anxiety as the backbiters have the habit of putting other people down in front of others. These people are most disrespected in society and everybody around them wants to go away. We need to give up this kind of habit as it hurts our personality and puts the lives of others at risk. 

Garrulous nature of the people is one of the bad habits which most of the people have acquired in their life unintentionally. They talk more without realizing that either somebody is interested in their conversation or not.

They want to be listened to at any cost no matter if their words may be worth or not. This kind of bad habit needs to be given up as it not only has a  bad impact on our personality but most of the people want to go away from the person who has this kind of bad habit. We need to get rid of this kind of bad habit so that our words get the real value and influence while we talk to others.

Not listening to elders is one of the bad habits that almost all people have acquired in their lives. It is one of the bad habits which definitely will become a social issue in the coming years as the younger generation is heading towards the world where they don’t want to be interrupted for their acts no matter if they are right or wrong.

Not listening to others or elders may prove fatal in one’s life as we have acquired the habit of doing things on our own without taking anyone into consideration.

Most of the families separated because of this bad habit; if the elder one in a family advises or gives suggestions to a younger one in the family, the advice or suggestions are opposed and the younger member is not ready to accept the things that the elder one’s in the family have acquired throughout their life.

This kind of bad habit needs to be changed so that we can make better decisions in life by listening to others or our parents who want to see us grow in our life.

Waking up late in the morning is one of the bad habits that most people have acquired in their lives. This kind of bad habit does not allow us to start our day in a  good way and hinders us from achieving our goals. We must avoid this bad habit as that will help us to start our day with more freshness and clear imagination. We will be able to focus on our work or on our studies in a better way.

Spitting in public places is another bad habit that can be seen in most of the people. It not only irritates others but is also unhygienic. Some people can be seen chewing tobacco products and spit the same on roads which are mostly seen among natives of the states of India. This kind of bad habit must be avoided that will definitely help us to keep our surroundings clean and most importantly we may give up the habit that may be annoying others.

Addiction to social media platforms is one of the bad habits that most of the population has acquired with the passage of time. Everybody in the family can be seen using smartphones and rolling their thumbs on social media platforms which have definitely harmed the value of our relationships.

This kind of habit is affecting the studies of children and furthermore, the addiction towards online games like PUBG has also driven many people towards hospital beds. We must avoid this bad habit of sticking to our smartphones as it not only affects our mental health but also becomes a hurdle in our careers. 

There are so many other bad habits that can not be summarized in one post. As a human being, we acquire some habits by our actions and later our mind performs them subconsciously which sometimes become a big hurdle in our life. Bad habits did not allow us to perform according to our will. our mind becomes dependent on them and performs these annoying acts subconsciously.

If we are close to something big in our life, suddenly we display the bad habits that may have become normal actions for us over the years as our mind tries to put less effort while performing acts and we end up losing our jobs or the credit we were waiting for. 

So we should avoid bad habits in our life and also help others to stay away from them so that we can live a better life as a person. By avoiding such habits we will be respected and praised for our good actions that may benefit society and may help others to make a change in their life by changing our habits for good.

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