Never laugh at somebody’s poverty

Never laugh at somebody’s poverty sounds different for all of us. We all live together in colonies or communities and form a society. We have different lifestyles with different ways of interacting with others. We have different sources of income whether one is a labor, a government servant, or a businessman.

What needs to be done? 

We go out to work for the day, earn, and feed our families every night. Some people work for the whole month and wait for their salaries. Based on the income that we have on a monthly or yearly basis, society divides us from one another. 
We neither call ourselves a rich or a poor person but it is the society that differentiates us from one another by dividing us into categories i.e rich and the poor and we have to live with that given tag.

Struggle in Life

Our life is full of struggle and if one is rich, he may become poor and if there is a poor person, he may become rich as the time passes. As such the given tags keep on changing in society. There is also a kind of people in our society who do not realize or are unable to make any change in their life to become rich.
However, this section of people continuously makes efforts along with their families to live a sustainable life and with an aim not to depend on others in the future.

In such a hue and cry, some people get depressed and some move forward after getting positive results. If a person has the aim of getting rich, he always keeps on finding new ways of life by which he can get an idea and decide what to do and what not? This kind of experience comes from the lessons of life we keep on learning over years.

Life Mistakes

By doing mistakes in life, we at times change our way or search for new ways of income so that our children, family, or future generations will be able to live a better life. But we should remember that nobody among us wants to remain poor but some people lack resources and are living a life where they can't overcome poverty. These kinds of people lack resources like land or have suffered from war crimes and other natural calamities.
We should remember that poor people are a part of our society and we should not ignore them or make them feel pity by our actions or thoughts that we pass on them. We are living in a world full of technology and we need to take them along with us to make the world a better place.

Now the question may arise in our minds that “How can we uplift them?”  and the answer is yes we can make their lives better. We have different people who have succeeded in life and are respected based on great income and own different business establishments or we can say that they have already made their own life and their dependents better.

Provide them opportunity

They can help in providing job opportunities to poor people or can establish charity organizations by which poor people can be uplifted in their life.
We can establish charity centers and work side by side with the government which will help in eradicating poverty from society and prevent the poor from facing any kind of discrimination. The influencers should come forward who had a great influence on society and speak for them and organize charity workshops so that the people who are going through this social issue may live a better life shortly.
But among us, some people laugh at somebody’s poverty or ignore them in public transport as they think they are superior to poor people. These kinds of people let them down every time and that is why poverty has become a major social issue that needs to be eradicated. It has become a source of discrimination in society and can be debated for hours. But as human beings, we must not let down our soul by performing unnecessary or nonsense acts and ignore the poor for no reason.

Psychological impact

It not only affects our personality but also affects them in such a way that they find themselves in a world that seems strange to them and had a psychological impact on their mind and may take years for them to overcome the trauma caused by the discrimination.
This social distance or discrimination prevents them from starting new things in life as they feel that they can’t make the things right for them as they had already labeled by society as poor. So they continue to their life as it has been for them over years. 

We need to change our behavior and be kind to poor people. We should respect them and also teach our children to treat them in the same way as they treat their parents. This will not only make them a good person but also prove beneficial in the coming years to eradicate this poverty from society which has become a major social issue.
Apart from this, we must know that nobody wants to be poor in life, but there are several reasons which are responsible for being a poor person. A person can be poor because he may be suffering from problems that we may not be aware of or he may be a war victim. Natural calamities also hold a major share in making the people poor as it leaves them paralyzed and drives them in a way that they never liked before.

People of Rural Areas

Most of the population of poor people live in rural areas and don’t know much about the modern world which provides a way out to overcome poverty. They either lack resources or don’t have any information about the things that can help them to live a better and sustainable life. We need to educate them about the new means of life so that they can uplift themselves for a better tomorrow.
We should respect the poor and their poverty just by keeping in mind that our families may have been through the same. We should remember the efforts that our grandfathers our ancestors have made for securing our future. I personally think for a family who falls in the middle-class category and is living a life of above poverty line class, this may be the outcome of efforts of a few generations that they have put together to uplift their family for future generations.
We know that the majority of the capital lies in the hands of few people and we belong to a community of the middle class who holds a good number of poor people. So it is our responsibility to highlight issues like poverty.

Social Issues

It is a social issue that needs to be addressed at an earliest so that the poor may not be discriminated against based on their income. We need to help them in terms of giving away some money and prevent them from begging.
In the end, I would like to say that we should respect their emotions and not laugh at them for being poor. This will not only help them in finding new ways of life but will also help us too to give birth to a person which the society is in dire need for years.
Let us pledge that we stand up for poverty and the discrimination, the poor people are facing in their daily life. Let us stop giving respect based on income and treat everyone equally. This will make the world a better place for sure.

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