Why every day is a Father Day?

As human beings, we are prone to emotions like happiness, anger, and sadness. Some times we feel loved by our family members and particularly by the two persons whom we call parents. They love and care for us without finding any reason and are so deeply and emotionally attached to us that we may never be able to find another person like them in whole life who will take care of us the way they do for us as their children.

God Blessings on Human

Father and Mother are the blessings that anybody should be proud of and when at times we feel broken deep inside or sad, the two words that come out of our mind is the Mother and the Father as the person feels that they are the one’s who could help him to get out of that bad phase of life. 

That is why we have many reasons to celebrate the Mother or Father’s day. Let me talk about the Father’s day in this post as he is one of the most precious gifts that we have in our lives and feels blessed while having them around us.

Why Every Day is Father’s Day?

As we all know that  Father’s day is celebrated on the 3rd Sunday of June and this year in 2020 it will on June 21.  In the U.S.A, it was started in 1910 to honor the fathers for their efforts and their contribution towards society. A father is the first tutor of his children as he guides and shows us the way of our dreams that we dream of in our childhood days. He brings us up, pays our school fee, and prepares us to be an independent person in our life.

He sacrifices everything for his children and always stands with them side by side while they pursue their dreams. He teaches us what to do and how to do that to get the things done according to our will. He does not want to see us suffer in our life rather he hopes for our better life than him.

He always wants to see you above all so that  you could  live your life independently of the things and worries that may have haunted him in his own life. He wants to  see you grow as a successful person in life and never awaits for anything in return.

He celebrates your every success along with you and stands beside you for every failure that you came across in your life. He is the one who holds your hand motivates you for doing great things and keeps you supporting so that you can pursue the dreams of your choice. He never let you down no matter how deep he may be broken inside or the hardships that he may be facing while supporting his family and his  children. 

He keeps you offering his blood, toil, sweat, and what not for the things that you want to achieve and wants to see in you a good person who he may have dreamed of inside. But at times we are did not recognize  his efforts and hardships  when we stay  together and we remember their efforts when they leave us halfway or we leave them to live on their own when we become very successful persons.

But there are many people like me who may have lost their father early on in their life and are going through the bad phase of life that they never expected while they were holding the finger of their father in childhood days. 

Challenging life

This kind of people grew up going through hardships and face every challenge that other people put forth for them without any reason. They try to raise their voice for good and try to start a new life but they are being made the victims by one person or the other for their own benefits.

In a society full of greedy and selfish people, they are not able to pursue their dreams and become soft targets to the people who use them for their worldly desires as they feel that they don’t have anyone left to support them or stand with them that could hinder them to perform such nonsense acts.

At this point in time, the pain of losing a father is much higher than ever you may have imagined as the heart that feels broken deep inside needs someone to listen to our cries and made us feel comfortable. 

But the efforts that you made to get heard by somebody seems your words don’t have such kind of value  left like before as there is no one like your father who is willing to understand your pain, your frustration, or the sadness and make a way for you to get out of this situation. If he would have been there the situation for you may have been different or the people who let you suffer may have refrained from doing such kinds of acts.

Some people overcome these challenges and some are forced to live a stressed life. They are forced to believe that there is nothing left for them now and they lose their battle with life while facing depression and stress. As they have lost their special person in life who could have made their present and future better than anybody else. 

So there are thousands of reasons why we should  celebrate the Fathers day and honor them for their  dedication and sacrifices that they had laid down for us while making   us  a better person

And for those who still have their fathers with them are the ones who have much more left to their life. They should feel blessed and respect them at any cost and know their value, their hardships, and the sacrifices which they perform in their life to keep their family happy and moving. So to celebrate Father's day will we worth it and they will be able to let them know that they remember what their father is doing for them. 

Life Celebrations

We celebrate it to remind them of their sacrifices, the love that they had showered on us for decades and for standing beside us to help us to overcome the challenges that we had faced over the years as their children or as a person.

We show them the respect and  the love that we have for them in our life and remind them that how much impact they had made on our life that we are living today. Keeping in  mind the things that we mentioned above drive us to the point that every day is a Father's day and we should respect and honor them as much as possible.

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