The three major skills of a Teacher

The teacher teaches us what we may never be able to learn in our life without him. It is he who drives us in our life from schooling to something big. He fulfills our mind by great thoughts and ideas by which he has acquired himself over the years of hard work and determination and through which he can teach us. 
He is the one who has an immense role in nation-building and gives birth to leaders, doctors, engineers, bureaucrats, and what not?

What is the skill?

A skill is the most important thing in today’s world and everybody tends to have it to succeed in life. We all should have a good skill to compete and made an impact on others, whether you are a job seeker or the one who loves to work by improving skills in life for better results. It is the skill that helps a person to get recognized among many others and be hired at an earliest or given the responsibility of being a leader.   Here are the three major skills of  a teacher:

A teacher should be well-disciplined, informative, and able to connect himself with the students at an ease. He should be able to make his point in the best possible way. Apart from this, he should be able to dress properly and develop personality as a one who will build a mindset of being a leader for his students.

A teacher should not try harsh methods to bring the results of his choice out of students in no time. By doing this the students may get afraid of that and many feel that they are not capable of making things right which may work for them any time soon. It will bring a negative impact on their ability and may prove fatal for their performance in the long run.

A Teacher should be friendly with all the students as it will encourage them to interact more and more  with the teacher and may feel comfortable to ask questions about the related topics which will help bring out the positive results from the average students also. There should be no possibility of communication gap between teacher and the average or below average students in the class.

Why Teacher is the most Respectable?

A Teacher is someone who has been able to turn our lives better.  It is he who is more responsive to our good or bad habits in school. He appreciates us for good ones and stops us from going bad to worse. 

Apart from this, he is the one who lives for others, and his whole life passes while teaching others what to do and what not?. Till the goal of others is not reached.  

Do you have one favorite Teacher?

Your answer may be yes because I  too have a one. As it is the favorite one whom you like the most as he has always been there for you when you need answers for your unanswered questions.  

He has always been a mentor of something good whether you met him in school or if he is the one whom you came across in your workplace. A man is himself a student until his death and has a teacher always from whom he learns something new everyday and adopt that in our daily life.

So we can say that the Teacher's profession is a noble profession who can mend lives for the better and helps in nation-building. It is because of them that the world is growing so fast in technology as the teacher has an immense role in giving birth to great minds of society who have contributed a lot in developing the world and making the lives of people better over the years. 

It is because of them we can distinguish between good and bad and have changed ourselves for good according to the needs and demands of societies around us.

We are encouraged by our teachers to do good deeds in our life and be humble to everyone around us without any discrimination. The teacher teaches us how to be a good human being and helps us to develop some principles of life within us by which we can communicate with others and can make a big impact on others while changing their lives for a better cause.  
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