How do failure and success influence our daily life?

Life is full of struggle and everybody wants to live it comfortably. We may call it the need for one’s survival or the changes in which one adapts for a better life. It is like the ship sailing in a river and wants to reach the other bank of it as soon as possible. 

But the winds that storm the life made some people kneel down before it and lost their hope in the middle of the sea, which shatters their dreams completely for the rest of their life. They never try again to cross the same river which left them paralyzed in their life. If they somehow survive, they either change their way or never try to go through the same sea as they fear that their ship may get drowned this time.

On the other hand, some people may or may not fear but they keep trying to cross the sea along with the ship and start their life on the other side of the river. They may get wounded but they never try to look back while crossing it. They are those who just go inch by inch while facing the winds and reach their destination where they feel relaxed and breathe deep for the rest of their lives.


Nobody wants to get labeled as a failure in his/her life by others until one accepts it on their own. It is in one’s blood to keep struggling in their own life whether one is labor, an academician, or a student. Labour tries to improve his skills in his own way and an academician in his own way. A student struggles in his own way but the aim or focus of all remains the same that they have to succeed in their life for a better tomorrow.

But some fail to make it as desired by them and the people around they start to call them failures. The label of failure for the people for whom the things did not work according to their will has ranked high in the society over the decades and has made some people's lives miserable and they give up about everything. 

They don’t care more about their life after the label of failure is imposed on them. It is an old saying that Failure slaps you in public as one gets ashamed of himself after a great struggle and sacrifice which he may have given for the dream gets vanished or remains unachieved in one’s life. 

The person whom we call as a failure enters into a life where he may feel alone, broken, and what not?  But instead of encouraging them for more, we label them as a failure and act as mute spectators while they face the worst crisis in their life. 

The people with the label of failure live their life as losers as they feel devastated and feels that they had nothing left to work on in their life. Some overcome this stress while others lose hope and learn to live in the same way as life drives them for the rest of their life.


On the other hand, there are people who feel good in their life as they have either make their dreams big or get labeled as successful persons after crossing the stormy winds which they may have faced in their life while attempting to achieve something good according to their own will. 

They usually are the ones who comfortably live their life and care much about things they do in their life. They had many reasons for doing so because they are already labeled as successful persons.  They feel safe and secure in their life in terms of income and did not care much about the future plans whether they will work or not as they had already laid the strong foundation of their life. 

They enjoy their label which the society has chosen for them over the years. They had already earned their respect in society and had a big influence on society and the people around them. They had found the meaning of their life after several years of hard work and many more sacrifices by which they were able to make their dream come true. 

They are the ones who live their life according to their desires as they have earned their place by the efficiency and sacrifices that they have had given for achieving the dream of their will.

Why Should We  Respect both Successful and Failure Persons:

As success and failure are the two categories which life has decided for us in terms of being recognized in society, we should respect both as the people holds a good number in both the categories.

Instead of degrading the lives of people labeled as failures in which I may be the one should be encouraged to find new means of life by finding  ways where they maybe able to prove themselves in a better way. 

They should try to learn new skills in their life and go-ahead to search for an impressive life and remove the label that has been being put on them by which they feel miserable in their lives.

The successful one should be respected in the sense that they were able to make it in a great way and are living a better life. They should try to live other people whom they have left behind in the race which will make our society sustainable and may help in removing the labels by which the lives of many people may be brought back on track again in their life. By doing this the lives of many may be saved and transformed towards a better tomorrow.

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