What is Internet (ARPANET) and who controls It?

The process of getting information through various modes has been a part of human life over the years. The humans are always eager to know about things which surround him and immensely form a part of his survival over several years of existence. 

The Internet is one of those means which has transformed the lives of humans over the years. Internet or Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPANET) was made on the directions of the U.S and was meant for communication between scientists and professors around the world.

The Internet is not controlled by any single service provider or any big giant tech company. Neither it is controlled by any government agency rather the government can hardly remove objectionable posts which may be violating the law of that state and that too did not work to have full control over the Internet. 

However, the ICANN (Internet Corporation for assigned names and numbers)   is the nonprofit international organization based in Los Angels that can be treated as a high-level authority to deal with the Internet as it allows the companies to sell the domain names.  This top-level authority actually decides the names of domains that may be of  ( .com, .info,. Net, .Org)   and others. 

However the ICANN too did not own the internet and we can say that it did not belong to anybody or it belongs to everyone among us as it is a decentralized system where every user, service provider is themselves a part of it.  Internet is a collective arrangement of connection of more and more computers or phones through internet service providers. 

Internet Companies

The companies who have laid down the cables can be said that they have significant power in controlling the internet. It is because of their effort that we are able to access to internet from our area as the service providers have also installed their communication towers all over the places around us. The two men who are known for their contribution to the internet are Vint Cerf and Robert Kahn.

Internet works on three tools namely Client, ISP, and Server. The client is the device on which the user is able to surf the internet which includes phone or computer, ISP is an internet service provider which are SIM Cards issued by the service providers or we can say by telecom companies and Server is the third one which processes the information and sends data to our phone or computers. It was first introduced in a university connecting four computers.

Online Platforms

The Internet has deeply transformed our lives and has contributed to all sectors involving health care, education, employment, farming, and what not? The social media giants like FACEBOOK, WHATSAPP, YOUTUBE, TWITTER, etc have almost overtaken the whole population of the world apart from a  section of society who reside in rural areas and have a low source of income to have smartphones. 

The Internet is just a click away if you have a SmartPhone. When you enter into the world of the internet;  you join the one which is parallel to our daily lives where you can share ideas, reach out to people, answer your questions,  and learn something new. The Internet has played a major role in maintaining democracies and has given a way for citizens of the countries to express their views on a free platform. 

It has been a source of survival for many around the globe as it has opened new ways of reaching out to people across the globe and has made things easy while dealing with business.  The Internet keeps us connected to our loved ones no matter which country of the world you study,  travel, or spending holidays.  

Use of the Internet

It has been a source of enjoyment and helps us to overcome the stress that the majority of the human population is going through related to their life. Internet is easy to use and on typing a few keywords, you get better results for your queries from Google. It is like you are talking to a friend with whom you can share deep secrets and find solutions to your unanswered questions. 

The Internet has been an open platform for all of us and needs not your qualification certificates to address people. If you have the ability to address something to your community around you, the Internet is the best way to engage with them and you need not gather them instead they will come on their own to listen or view your thoughts and ideas which you may have displayed for them. 

The Internet has been able to make better societies and institutions for us as the people who work for them were able to make a big impact on people through the means which they had adapted on the Internet. 

On the internet, you meet people from different countries of the world which you may never be able to see or meet in life from the place where you live. It has made our lives better with time and the one who is using it needs not much effort from making financial transactions to book air tickets or taking Online learning classes. 

It has immensely contributed to research projects related to space, medical education, defense, climate change, and much more.  The Internet has contributed in controlling the unemployment all over the world as the majority of the brains are connected to it whether it is their business, social sites, media houses or the product they want to endorse which requires manpower in big tech giant companies and  Human Resource Management consulting agencies have immensely contributed to fill the gap which has brought down the graph of unemployment over the years. 

Apart from this if you are reading this post and don't know me then you are the one who is interacting with me and us to form a part of the Internet. So how easy it is too meet new people in life on the internet and grow as a  better person for the community which we all face when we go offline from the world of the internet. All praises to the internet when used for good by the people who use it.

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