Best Low Budget Business ideas

Business is one of the earning modes in our lives. People rush for it; some fail and some go ahead with a good turn over of making crores in a few years. When people choose to do business they think a hundred times about how much to invest as the risk of losing the investment in the business is always there. Today I am going to tell you what type of business you should choose if you are unemployed with a low risk of losing the investment. 

 Which business to choose?

1. If you are unemployed and looking for your own start-up then you should go for sheep farming as you have to invest less and should have at least one Kanal of land ( i.e 505.857) square meters so that you can establish a sheep barn and you can start with several 10 to 20 Female Eves. 

If you start with some 5 eves only, the cost of investment will be around 25 thousand Indian rupees (1 dollar is around 70 Indian rupees) which is not too much but your business may take more time to evolve as it depends on with how with many Eves you are going to start.   

There are few breeds available among which you can choose the better one which will be more economical after consulting the experts of sheep husbandry and my suggestion is that you should go for Merino Breed if you live in an area where the temperature remains low with cold climatic conditions. Mutton prices increase day by day and touch sky high on Muslims festival like Eid-ul-Azha where you can earn a huge sum of money from your start-up.

Dairy Farm

2. You can go for a dairy farm and start with 5 to 10 cows. If you have confidence in you and the strategy for your business then you will be able to turn it into a big dairy farm and supply milk to markets at appropriate rates. 

The cost of this start-up will depend on again with how many cows you are going to start this farm, here too you need at least one Kanal (0.125 acres) of land for the maintenance of cows. The more the number of cows; the more the cost of investment, the less the number of cows; the low the cost of investment, and if you go for this type of farm you don't have to wait much. 

You invest in it and soon you will be like someone who will have to just pass on directions and the employees will take care of your startup.

Wire Nails Manufacturing

3.  You can start with Wire Nails manufacturing as this may be one of the options you can choose in your startup as it is all time running item used in rough carpentry and can prove a turning point in your life. In wire nails manufacturing; coils are used in making the nails and the machine will cost you around 4 to 5 lac Indian rupees. 

If you buy one kg of wire which costs around 40 Indian rupees (less than a dollar)  and the manufacturing cost per kg is approximately RS.2/- and after packaging it will cost you around Rs 45- and if the running rate of the wire nails will be Rs. 50  then you can earn 5 rupees/per kg however the nails I bought recently cost me around 70 to 80 rupees from local shops. 

The rates may vary at different places depending upon the demand. So it will be no wastage of investment in my view.  This type of start-up will cost you more as it requires a machine that is costly and can demand more investment than the above ones. 

The labor charges will demand more investment as that will depend on;  how much your operator working on the machine charges you monthly. This type of business will suit some who want to invest more in business and have great potential to reach out to the dealers of wire nails for delivering and promoting his product. 

Business Ideas

4. Another business idea is digital marketing by being a social media influencer or partner of any marketing agency.  Social media influencer is one option you can choose as an earning mode. This will totally depend on how you produce your content and post it on various social sites and it will take you to an earning of over lacs or crores, only if you can make it big. 

Social Media influencers post their content on social sites and get a good viewership on their posts. There is one thing to take care of is that you don't have to be fake or copy-paste the content of others which is already available on these sites, that is not going to work for you. 

But I will not suggest you to go for it, if you are a student, you should first complete your studies and try this later as it may work or may not work and did not guarantee you that you will succeed in making such kind of impact on the viewers of your content. Apart from students the employees too should not go for it or may not try to leave the job while thinking of being a social media influencer. Moreover, digital marketing is making its influence more than ever and one can rush for it.

Vegetable Farming

5. You can go with a business idea of vegetable farming if you have few canals of land available. You can start with this with no investment as it requires the only land and the price of seeds in the market will cost you less than 5$ ( 1$ = around 70 rupees). You can start this any time in a year and you don't have to wait for years. 

This will take just 2-3 months for yielding of the vegetables which you can collect and sell them in the market at appropriate prices.   This will definitely need your patience for better results as the choosing of seeds impact the total vegetable production. 

You have to go for training sessions in your nearest administrative centers for better production or else you will give up in half. The choosing of seeds should be of hybrid nature as the production of hybrid seeds will let you more vegetable production and you will be able to make it big.  

Once you will set it right then it will be easy for you to deal with this kind of business and can take more land on the lease; if you don't have much of your own. The demand is always there in markets and already various centers are established where you can go and sell your vegetables at appropriate rates on daily basis. 

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